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8 Tips for Growing Cactus And Succulent Plants Indoors

by Tracy Finke

Succulents are a very popular type of ornamental plant. What makes them different from other flowers is their ability to retain water in the leaves, stem, and root. In other words, they are ideal for all those who love flowers but do not have time or forget to water regularly.

Today, they are very popular and if you go to any site about interior design, you will notice that succulent plants have become cherry on the top. This type of plant originates from Mexico and Africa because dry soil is important for its growth. So, given where they come from, it’s clear to us why they don’t like frequent watering.

Many think that cactus is from the succulent family, but they are not. Cactus belongs to the family Cactaceae.
Plants make the interior more interesting, and the home warmer and more beautiful. What makes them special is that they are good for health. How? We know that photosynthesis takes place during the day and that then the plants release oxygen. At night, like humans, plants breathe and release carbon dioxide. Unlike other plants, succulents continue to produce oxygen which significantly affects air quality while we sleep. Many studies have been conducted that say that succulents are capable of eliminating almost 90% of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), ie toxins found in carpets, cigarette smoke, books, and so on.

Still, to show off your beauty, it’s important to take a few things into account.

Find the right pot

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When you buy a plant, the first thing you need to do is transplant it from the temporary pot in which it was purchased into the appropriate one. You can find more on succulentmarket.com. When choosing, make sure that the pot is wildly large so that the succulent can grow obediently. Before pouring the soil, put pebbles or balls in the pot that draw moisture from the soil. The recommendation for the pot is terracotta because it enables the flow of oxygen to the roots. When it comes to the type of soil that is best, mixed soil is the best choice.

Succulent plants and cactus prefer the light

These plants love light very much and that is why it is recommended to keep them on the east, west, or south window. It is advisable to keep these plants outdoors and gradually expose them to direct sunlight. Although they are not bothered by cold weather, it is still better to bring them warm before winter. In case they still stay outside, it is enough to remove the saucer under the pot so that moisture does not remain. With the first Sun in the spring, this plant will come to life.

Be careful with watering

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Water is needed by every living thing to survive, including plants. But, unlike most plants that require daily watering, succulents and cacti have reduced the need for water to a minimum, so it is enough to water them once every two weeks, and in winter even less often (every month or two). If you water them too often, the root will germinate, which is a sign that you have destroyed the plant. The proper way to water is as follows: let the water flow through the pot with the plant. It is believed that the plant should not be watered again until the soil is dry. If you notice that the leaves are shrinking, water the plant even though it is not yet time for it.

Succulents are used to make jewelry

Yes, this is possible, too! This jewelry is very easy to make, all you need is succulent, rope, and metal. Since these plants retain water for a long time (about 15 days), your jewelry will last just as long before it starts to dry.

Succulents and cactus are easily propagated

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Why don’t you have the same succulent you saw at your friend’s? We have great news – these plants are very easily transmitted and propagated. All you need to do is take the top cutting and transfer it to the appropriate pot. Before you plant a succulent in the ground, keep in mind that the plant is full of water. Therefore, you will first need to dip it in charcoal dust that will prevent the plant from rotting and transplant it only after ten days. In this first period, watering is not recommended.

You can also sow the cactus and succulents with seeds

Here’s another easy way to get the cactus or succulent you’ve been wanting for a long time. Why not just buy seeds and sow in a mixture of crushed brick and sand? The ratio should be 1: 1. To this, it is necessary to add a small amount of earth with quartz sand. If you are patient enough, in 3-5 months you will have young plants that you will need to transplant into pots.


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Although they do not require much water, these plants, like any other, will enjoy a fertilizer. Although they do not require much water, these plants, like any other, will enjoy the fertilizer, because it is equally important for the successful growth of the plant. The amount of fertilization should be significantly less than when it comes to other types of plants.

Plants and insects

You may have noticed that despite watering your plant enough, feeding it regularly, and keeping it in the light, something is wrong. Indicators that the plant needs help are distorted growth, paprika spots on the leaves, brown cavities on the stems, and holes in the leaves. If you notice any of these symptoms on your succulent, know the following – you have an intruder.

Insects attack these plants like any other

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In that case, you have to remove the insects and treat the plant with a special insect repellent until it recovers. Another similar scenario awaits you if you notice an orange-cancerous growth near the tree. This indicates that the plant is probably diseased and that you will need to remove the infected tissue before it spreads to the entire plant and those around it. There is also a leaf disease that can be easily treated in a suitable way – cinnamon is mixed with isopropyl alcohol and after spending the night, applied to the plant.