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Logo Design`s Importance: 6 Key Reasons Why Your Business Needs One

by William Gist

Wondering why logos get so much attention in the current era? And why your business also needs a professional logo design? This article is written specifically for you. In this piece of writing, we will discuss the importance of logo design and how iconic logos can do a world of good to your brand.

Let’s start by explaining the importance of a logo design and what factors you should consider.

Why is Logo Design Important?


  1. In the times we live in, a logo is considered the face of a company.
  2. Do you know what is the first thing potential customers notice regarding your business? It’s the logo.
  3. This business representative symbol helps people recognize your brand.
  4. It sets the foundation of your business’s branding.
  5. Most customers by looking at your company’s logo form an opinion about your business.
  6. A good logo design instils trust.
  7. It conveys a positive message to your consumers that you run a professional company and are capable of providing great services.
  8. An iconic logo gives an idea of the grandeur of your company. Consider brands like Nike, iPhone, Mcdonalds and Channel.
  9. Factors to consider while going for a logo design
  10. When it comes to logos that make a mark, experts suggest making one that is distinctive, easily recognizable and simple so that it works across all forms of media.
  11. Try to make a memorable logo that creates a solid first impression. This way, it automatically becomes recognizable and plays a vital part in creating your brand’s persona.
  12. Make something that doesn’t lose its efficacy whether on a flyer, billboard, visiting card or a pen.
  13. Another attribute of a professional logo design is that it looks incredible whether coloured or black and white.
  14. While creating an impactful logo, dive into even the smallest of details. Only then you can something that describes your business in an awesome way.
  15. Specific details like colour, shape, font and size of the logo must be given complete attention. Otherwise, you are wasting your time, effort and resources.
  16. All the above-mentioned factors when combined result in a logo design that stands out of the rest. Then it is able to convey a positive message about your company.
  17. The usage of colour scheme and imagery in the logo must be appropriate for your business so that there are no confusions of any sort and your logo stands the test of time.
  18. Usage of colours, fonts, and images must be consistent so that your logo communicates the real idea and message, about your brand, that you want to convey.

6 Key Reasons Why Your Business Needs a professional logo design

Now that you are aware of the important factors while designing a logo, let’s move on to the second part of this article which is why your business needs a logo.

1.    It serves as an identity for your business


One of the best designers ever, Paul Rand said, “a logo doesn’t sell (directly), it identifies.” According to leading logo designers, an iconic logo is the one which gives an identity to your organization.

Bring to your mind how the public will interact with your company when you have just begun. It will be:

  • Either through your website
  • Social media
  • A business card
  • A stall at a festival
  • A flyer or pamphlet

Whatever resource they choose, your aim should be to create a fantastic first impression that lasts in their mind. You cannot do it with words and colours only. Right?

Through a business representative symbol that can be used in all sorts of places, you are not only providing people with a visual sign to relate with but it also strengthens your business’s brand. It’s your chance to communicate with people, visually. It lets you say “hi” without being obnoxious.

We are not saying, your logo design has to explain everything about your business and what products your deal in. For instance, if you are a gym, your logo doesn’t need to include an avatar of a bodybuilder, heavyweight equipment or dumbbells etc.

While a finance company is under no obligation to design its representative emblem including a piggy bank or a dollar sign.

However, your logo, just like other iconic logos, must communicate the characteristics of your business with the help of:

  • Colours
  • Colour combinations
  • Fonts
  • Symbols
  • Shapes
  • Slogans etc.

The most important thing to follow is to come up with something that is simple, able to adapt across multiple mediums and memorable.

2.    A good logo makes your brand stickier


There is nothing new in forgetting the name of a business but remembering its logo or recalling its name after seeing the logo isn’t surprising. Nowadays, people interact with dozens of brands in a day and to make your brand worth noticing, you ought to have something that is different and makes them remind about you.

A well thought out, custom logo design does just that. If it is distinctive, it will ring a bell in people’s mind because our minds can recognize images and then derive meaning or any other thing related to them.

According to Optimal Targeting, and internet marketing agency, the human brain has the capacity to process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Moreover, we remember 80% images as compared to 20% text and 10% sound.

An experiment conducted by Signs.com, a custom logo design company, found something really interesting about the human brain’s visual recall phenomenon. This experiment included 156 Americans who were asked to draw 10 most iconic logos using their memories. These logos included Apple, Ikea, Adidas and Dominos.

Although their drawings were quite different and amateurish (understandably so) but most people did fantastically well with the overall logo design and usage of colours etc. they remembered most of the logos and were able to replicate them in the paper.

While designing a logo for your brand, think of a common person who will be seeing your logo on a billboard, social media, TV or a poster etc. This will help you create something that will be worth remembering and simple.

3.    It shows your brand’s professionalism and builds trust


It is an understood fact that when you start a new business, you can face a huge challenge of winning the trust of customers, investors and vendors etc. This is where you need to take a clue from a famous old-school saying, “dress for the job you want.”

Be aware of one thing, people before trying your product, assess your appearance. Imagine someone hands you an outdated visiting card or you visit a website that isn’t user-friendly, will you trust them right away? Will it build confidence and trust? I don’t think so.

And consequently, you are not going to purchase or contact them even if the need arises.

On the other hand, visually appealing brand identity and luring logo will make people curious to know more about your brand, what services you provide and how you do it. They will also trust you and feel connected to you.

It will enable you to win their trust and loyalty for a long time. Think of your favourite chocolate or clothing brand. Seeing someone else eating that brand’s chocolate or wearing clothes of your favourite brand will evoke emotion, and happiness inside you. You can relate to the brand.

By putting a great logo design on your website, your social media platforms and other branding materials, you are conveying to the people that you mean business and are here to stay for the good.

According to research, 70% of companies are of the view that it is easier and cost-effective to retain a customer as compared to acquiring a new one. This means, the more you invest in building trust, the more fruitful it is going to be for your business.

4.    Logo design sets the basis for your visual brand


Once you are done with an iconic logo, you can now move on further to visual branding elements as you have set the tone for a visual brand by choosing your primary colours and fonts etc. When you get your logo from a custom logo design company, it will be accompanied by a set of guidelines. These guidelines will explain the essentials contained in your logo and how to use it on different applications.

These guidelines enable you to build visual consistency and brand memorability as you go along. For instance, your logo doesn’t have a typeface which can be applied to a brand copy or headings. Here the font used in the logo and its style allows you to fulfil them.

5.    It separates you from competition

Your logo sets you apart from your competitors; so dare to be different. Your logo tells people why your company is unique and beneficial. Let’s take it this way, there may be dozens of car washing adhesive companies operating in your area, but your business is determined to provide the highest quality and committed to excellence through eco-friendly materials.

This can be described in your logo with a tinge of green. This smart move drives home a strong point, which is what you ultimately want from your logo. Remember that a thoroughly planned logo design communicates your company’s professional background, operations and goals. The only thing you need is the incorporation of the right fonts, colours and image.

As indicated by the experts from uptownlogodesign.com, a professional logo design is a platform which broadcasts the core values of your company, tells them how you are different and why they should choose you instead of your competitors.

6.    You can create online and offline branded assets


When launching a business, there are hundreds of things you need to accomplish. Some of these are completing a website, getting your visiting cards printed and setting up your social media pages. Now, if you don’t have a professional logo design that describes your business, these things can get delayed. This means loss…

If you plan to hold the website back and just want to launch the “coming soon” pages, a logo will still be needed. It instils the professional look into your online presence. Just by putting a logo on these pages will allow you to move onto other tasks as it will do its job, which is to represent your business. Such is the importance of logo design in the current times.

Simply saying, a lovely and well-thought-out logo allows you to tick important marketing to-dos or hold them until you are done with other essentials benefitting your business. Once you accomplish them, you can create or outsource them.

Final words

If you are also looking for a custom logo design, you need to consider a lot of things about your brand, your strengths, which you want to convey to the world. Outline a list of your goals, how you are going to approach the market, why you are in this business and what makes you different from others.

Only then you will be able to transform your ideas into a logo that best describes your business.

The job isn’t finished yet, after all these things, you will have to do brainstorming to and create that perfect logo that makes your company special.