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Tips for Vacation in Leh, Ladakh 2024

by Edvard Berlusconi

India is a huge country that has around 1 billion citizens. This country maybe isn’t one of the richest in the world. However, it attracts many tourists every single year which is one of the most developed industries in this country.

People come here for different reasons. First of all, Indian culture and history are rich. A lot of things associated with their culture seem mystic and that’s something that attracts tourists. Despite that, India is not a place where you have to spend a fortune.


Still, it is good to mention that not all the regions in India are equally good when we talk about tourism. Because of that, we would want to highlight 1 that attracts a lot of tourists yearly – Ladakh.

This region is a part of the larger region under the name Kashmir. This region is a subject of dispute between Pakistan, India, and China for more than 70 years.

Well, the capital city and the biggest city of this region is Leh. Logically, this is the place that attracts most of the tourists. The global name for this part of the world is “Cold Desert”. The most attractive thing here is the Tibetan Buddhist monasteries. As we said, their culture is rich and mystic.

If you plan to visit this city/region, we would like to give you some valuable tips. It is always hard to adapt when you are visiting some place for the first time. That’s why you will find all the necessary pieces of information here.

Let’s start.

When to Visit Leh Ladakh?


Logically, the first piece of advice you are looking for is the right time to come to this place. We understand that work and other duties do not allow you to come here whenever you want. However, you need to know that the entire region remains isolated for a couple of months.

If you want to see a huge number of tourists here, then coming between June and September would be the best choice. In this period, the weather is perfect for going for a walk from one place to another. However, that also means that prices are a bit higher during the summer. So, if the budget is not the problem, then going here for these three months would be the best decision.

Is Ladakh Good for Family Trips?


Believe it or not, Leh (and entire Ladakh) was not so popular tourist destination a couple of years ago. Some people were calling this name “Bikers Paradise”. It was one of those regions where no one wanted to come. Because of that, many people considered a trip to Ladakh a completely off-roading experience.

Well, things are quite different now.


We do not want to say that there are no hard terrains out there. Still, that doesn’t mean you should not come with your family here. It is a quiet place and perfect for relaxation.

Still, this also depends a lot on the part of the year when you plan to come here. If you come here during the winter, then you should prepare enough clothes for you and your kids. The winters here can be quite tough.

Permit & Passport

Well, if you plan to travel directly to Leh, then you should know that there are no permits for traveling. Still, international travelers will have to complete their registration.

This especially counts if you plan to travel by road. There are three places where you can complete the registration process – Sarchu, Rumtse, and Drass. However, if you are coming by a plain, then you will have to finish the registration at the airport.

Medicines to Carry


Wherever we go, we always bring some medicine in our traveling bag. Well, this time you will also have to bring some to face unexpected encounters and situations. For instance, it would be great if you can bring medicines like Dexamethasone, Aspirin Disprin, or Diamox.

Here is the reason why we say this. One of the major difficulties you will face on the Leh Ladakh trip is Acute Mountain Sickness. This problem is caused by the low percentage of oxygen at higher latitudes. Some of the following symptoms that could disturb you are loss of breath, rapid heart rate, fatigue, etc.

So, the medicines that we mentioned could help you solve this problem. However, we strictly recommend that you get a rest for a day or two after every climb.

Phone and Internet Services

We live in a world of modern technology, don’t we? Traveling to this place can truly bring you rest from modern technology. However, you will have to make a call at some moment.

There is only one mobile network that works in this place. It is a post-paid BSNL mobile connection. Finding this connection is not a complex task because you can find it in any mobile shop.

The network itself won’t be a problem in Leh and the places around this city. However, the network will disappear after you go on the other side of Rohtang Pass.

So, if you are planning to contact someone at home, you need to do that while you are in the city. Inform the people around you about this problem before you go. There is no reason to worry.



In the entire region, there are around 1.8 thousand kilometers of road. The best way to travel through those roads is by getting a taxi. Yet, there is one interesting thing that you should know.

Believe it or not, there are 6 thousand licensed Ladakhi taxi drivers. You can book a direct taxi while you are at home at leh-ladakh-taxi-booking.com. The taxi will wait for you at the airport and drive you to the place where you will stay.



Well, Boti is the main language in the region. However, you can hear people speaking Brokshat, Baki, Shina, and Changshat as well. However, we do believe that you do not speak any of these languages.

You do not have to worry about communication. People here teach English and Hindi in their schools. Because of that, it won’t be a problem to order something in a restaurant in English.

So, what do you think? Is Leh Ladakh trip worth your time and money?