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What Happens If You Don’t Report a Car Accident – 2024 Guide

by Dangula Bingula

Car accidents happen all the time. It is a fact that we, unfortunately, can’t control. Many people are not responsible drivers. Their concentration is on a low level. For example, they start thinking about other things while driving. Their main focus is to stay safe and ensure safe streets for other drivers as well.

However, some are driving after consummation of illegal substances. These people are not capable of staying fully concentrated. Even if they are careful more than usual, our reflexes are slower than usual. Because of that, our message for the beginning of this article is – Don’t drive when you drink. You are not only putting yourself in danger. Other drivers and passengers are also in danger.


Yet, as we said, car accidents are happening even when both parties are not drinking. If you have been the part of a car accident or you know someone who was, then you are looking for answers. Many of the answers you will find in the law of your state. However, the law itself is a bit complex to an average person.

There are so many phrases and explanations that you won’t understand. Do not worry; that doesn’t make you less valuable. You are not a lawyer and there is no reason why you should understand these things. However, if you reported a car accident, then you should hire a lawyer. For example, a lot of them, like Naqvi Law, you can find online and ask for help.

Anyway, sometimes people do not report a car accident because of various reasons. The main reason why people do not do that is because they feel there is no reason to involve the police in this case.

However, what happens if you don’t report a car accident? Are you breaking the law? Is something like that allowed?

Okay, we suppose that these questions are some of the most common ones. Because of that, we want to give you a guide that will make things clearer.

When do I need to Report a Car Accident?


We believe this is the first question that you have. Okay, the laws around the world are different. This time we will focus on Nevada’s law system. There are two different cases when you have to report a car accident. The first reason is obvious, if one of the two sides is injured or killed, you MUST notify the police.

Despite that, the answer to this question also depends on the damage that was caused. More precisely, if the value of damage to any property or vehicle is bigger than $750, then you need to call the police.

So, I Don’t Have to Report a Minor Accident?


The shortest answer that we can give you is – no, the law doesn’t require something like that. Still, this is a more risky option. Let’s say that no one got hurt and that the damage is around 200 dollars. As we already said, there is no need for the police. However, what if the other side does not accept that you are not guilty for the accident? In that case, the chances that the other side will cover the costs of damage are minimal.

Our recommendation is to report a car accident if you can’t make a mutual agreement with other parties involved. In that case, you will have to go to court. Despite that, some of the costs are going to be covered by insurance companies.

That’s why it is important to be honest and say when you truly are guilty. It is much better to give a few thousand dollars than to spend more money and lose a driver’s license.

What Happens If You Don’t Report a Serious Car Accident?


Have you ever heard about a hit and run crime? Well, we believe that the name itself tells everything. So, if the damage is higher than 750 dollars, then you will have to face certain penalties. For instance, you may get up to six months in jail. Despite that, a fine can be up to 1000 dollars. You probably understand now why we told you it is better to be honest and accept that you are guilty. Still, if the other side refuses to do that, it is much better to find a good lawyer.

Well, things are different if someone is injured and dies because of the accident. This crime is classified as a category B felony in Nevada. In that case, a person can get two to twenty years in Nevada State Prison. Despite that, there is a fine that can be between 2 and 5 thousand dollars. If you have been injured in a car accident, then calling the police and going to a court is a must-do thing.

What Happens When I Sue a Person?


Well, in this case, the first thing that you should do is hiring an attorney. Pick the one that has a couple of years of experience in car accidents. The first thing that a lawyer will do is contacting the insurance company of the other driver. In that way, many costs that you have will get covered.

For example, some of the bills are – medical bills in Nevada, lost wages in Nevada, lost earning capacity in Nevada, and pain and suffering.

Every victim of the car accident needs to know that pieces of evidence are crucial here. Because of that, you must call 911 as soon as possible. Despite that, you should take pictures of any injury or property damage that happened. Finally, do not delay visiting a doctor. Go to an ambulance as soon as possible. You are not doing this only because of the pieces of evidence. Your health needs to be in the first place.

Having a car injury is a traumatic moment. Many people simply lose memory in a moment because they are scared. Try to stay calm and document everything that happened during the accident. You mustn’t forget some of the most important details of the accident. Servetheinjured.com shares great insights on what you have to do if you’ve met with a car accident. Speaking to a lawyer will clear your doubts and will give you an idea of what your legal options are.

Once again, drive careful! If someone else is not responsible, that is not your problem. It is not something you can control.