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Tips for Sending Christmas Cards

by Sinke Car

Christmas cards seem pretty easy. You write a heartfelt message and deliver it to your friends and family. Hopefully, of course, this will be reciprocated. It is a great way to catch up with people and show how much you care about them. But there can be some issues when it comes to sending Christmas cards.

You might run into problems during the process. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when Christmas season comes around once more from ChristmasConnections

Designate Which Cards Go to Each Family


If you have a lot of friends and family, then this one’s for you. It can be hard to keep track of who gets what card. Some of your friends might not even celebrate Christmas, so you have to remember who fundamentally opts-in to Christmas. Also, if your family is one that creates family newsletters or photos, you should have a list of people that of course deserve a season greeting!

Knowing what types of cards, you should send to who can reduce some stress during the holiday season. And don’t forget that if you are sending greetings to business associates, they should get a more general looking message than your family. Know which are appropriate for who, and you are golden.


While you could feasibly send greetings any time of the year, people like receiving cards at a certain time. It is recommended that you wait until the beginning of December – your family might be confused if they come any earlier than that! And try to have your message arrive by the second week of December.

You should not send them too early, and that goes the same for sending them too late. If you wait too long the post office will be really busy – and you do not want your cards to arrive after Christmas day – that can be perceived as rude!

Include Return Address

If people receive quite a lot of Christmas messages, a return address helps them differentiate yours from others. They will know who sent the card and they will not have a guessing game. Having a return address included also reveals your current address. That makes it easier for the recipient to send their Christmas cards to you. It helps continue the circle of sending and receiving Xmas mail.

Return the Favor


This goes hand in hand with including a return address. Remember who you consistently send and receive cards from. It can be insulting if you have sent a card to a family for years only to forget one year and not send it. Also, if someone stops sending you cards, you can either continue sending cards or remove them from your list of families. It might be that they changed addresses or are not getting your cards, so you might want to look into that.

Add Personal Message

Try creating a custom and unique message that makes the recipients think of you. Adding your own personal and creative message to your mail can mean emphasize what a person has done for you and why you’re thankful for them over the Christmas period.