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Tips For Finding The Right Fit Of Your Bra All On Your Own

by Dangula Bingula

Almost every girl goes through the experience of facing an old lady in a lingerie store for the first time when they step into their puberty. They seek guidance in choosing a bra, knowing nothing about what would be suitable for them. That is the time in the life of girls when a little support is a necessity.

But it is not only adolescents who need help and guidance in bra selection. It continues throughout the lives of women because our bodies undergo changes as we age, and it affects bra selection. The bra size that seemed perfect when you were a college-going girl does not hold good after a few years. It can leave you unsure about the new size that should make you feel most comfortable while giving the satisfaction of the perfect fit.


The correct approach in bra selection with the assurance of getting the right fit and size that is both functional and comfortable is to seek help from a professional bra fitter. It is far from easy to find the bra that is ideal for a particular type of body. Only a professional bra fitter can suggest what will be right for you.

Indeed, there are some traditional methods of bra fitting, but unfortunately, these methods fail to ensure the best fit. Those who still stick to these methods end up in wearing the wrong size bra.  Studies have shown that traditional methods of tape measurement used for determining the bra size either results in the smallest bra size or the under-band being too loose.

Get the right bra size


According to babeappeal.com, to make women look and feel their best, it is essential to achieve good support that only a well-fitting bra can provide. The right bra size contributes to good health by preventing neck and back pain and most importantly reduce irreversible breast sag.

Although the tape measure is still prevalent among well-known retailers, but its shortcomings in dealing with the changes of the body remains a major drawback.  Are you still not comfortable to go to a professional bra fitter and would be more at ease to do it yourself? Then you must know some tips and tricks that can help you to succeed.

Accept the change


To begin with, you must be clear in your mind that the bra that you wore five years ago will not be going to fit you. The bodies of women go through successive changes as they age. During pregnancy and after delivering children, if there is fluctuation in weight, due to hormonal changes and medication and many other things which change breast shape and size. As a result, the kind of support that women need also changes.

Besides the physical changes that the body undergoes which calls for change in bra size, the situations and circumstances influence the selection of bras. Women who take part in sports would need sports bras for the occasion while wearing a strapless bra may become necessary in some other entirely different situations.

What to look for in a bra for everyday wear


The approach in selecting the regular bra that you need for everyday wear will be slightly different. To find the perfect fit, you need to keep in mind a few key points.

  • The primary thing that you must ensure when putting on a bra is that the under-band sits firmly on the body and stay parallel to the ground no matter which way you move and twist the body. Before deciding on which of the three hooks to latch on, go for the middle hook first. Using the third hook at the farthest end would stretch the bra very much. There would be no room left for adjustments, and choosing the first hook could result in a too-tight fit.
  • When the bra is on the middle hook, the under-band stays taut. You should be able to pass just two fingers comfortably under it that ensures it is not too tight. Lack of firmness of the under-band can result in a lot of scratching under the bust.
  • Another mistake that happens when buying bras is that we assume that the straps are in the right position, which it is not. Usually, the straps are too tight and kept that way because it makes the bras look best when displayed on hangers.

Things to consider for determining the actual cup size


The rule of thumb says that the cup must cover the breasts with the only exception when someone wants to make the cleavage visible by using push up bras. But usually, the cup should completely encompass the breast smoothly without any bulging on the front or sides. Especially, there must not be any tissue visible from the sides.

To check if there is any spillage, wear a seamless camisole or T-shirt that clearly makes spillages visible. The look has to be smooth and nice, without any creasing in the cup, digging on the side and no overflow at the top. The position of the breast should also be perfect and point to the front without any inclination to the sides when you put on any outfit.

Go through trial and error

To be on the safe side and avoid the embarrassment of choosing a wrong bra size when you are selecting the bra size by yourself instead of relying on a professional bra fitter, go through the process of trial and error. Try out several sizes and styles to find out one that you are most comfortable with and confident about giving you the best looks. It might take some time but will eliminate the chances of taking a false step. And this is the best way to get the perfect fit at that point in time.

But if you are changing brands, the range of trials would expand considerably because different brands have different kinds of fit or the same size as European cup sizes would differ from Australian cup sizes.  Trying out four different sizes should help to find the right one.