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Tips For Finding A Job In France

by Edvard Berlusconi

The need to find a job in France might be to fulfill a lifelong dream or even because of a significant other. It might be even to fulfill that desire to learn French or maybe there is no explanation at all. Whatever the motive, tens of thousands of foreigners continue coming to France each year to find a job or a new life.

Unless you are rich or retired then finding work will be the first thing on your list when you first get in France. We have made a list of the best tips that can help you find a good job in France, so make sure you read them all.

Learn the language


This has to be the number one priority and tips on the list. Not speaking French might not stop you from working in a bar or a pub but it will probably close many other doors. So start learning. There are hundreds of language courses online that can help you get started. You can also find private French tutors on websites like Leboncoin. You can also learn French by meeting with French people, watching French TV, listening to the French radio. You will need to do whatever it takes to learn their language since it will help you considerably.



If the language is an issue for you (and it probably is) then you will have to prepare to be flexible when looking for a job. Do not expect to walk into the same highly-payed job you had back at home. This is where working in a bar or teaching English may give you a great advantage.

Both of these jobs will earn you some money while you are improving your French, which you can later use to get that career back on track. On the other hand, if you do not have a lot of impressive qualification and skills behind you then it is probably not the smartest idea from that since French appreciate consistency. They want your qualification to match with your previous work experience on your CV.

Look for openings

The American University of Paris may be a good place for people to find work. You can also use the FUSAC magazine which has a lot of job adverts. You can also use recruitment agencies in which a lot of them can be found with a quick Google search. LinkedIn and Facebook are also great ways to get into contact with companies and people.

If you are looking for a website for job adverts, check out www.tironem.com.

French CV


CV’s in France are usually much more concise. If you had senior positions in your past, then two pages are enough or even maximum, while for junior positions, one page is more than enough. There is also the question of whether you should put a photo or not on your CV. A lot of French companies still expect applicants to add a photo to the portfolio. However, if you are going to put a photo on your CV make sure it is a normal one. Being tidy and dressed properly is more than enough. Do not go over the top.