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This Country is The Next Coronavirus Hot Spot

by Sinisav

NY POST – 04/28/2020: Some countries managed to control coronavirus pandemic, and things are getting under control. At the same time, some nations around the world are currently preparing for the worst. One of the countries that is a favorite to become coronavirus hot spot is Brazil.

President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, shares a similar sentiment to coronavirus as Donald Trump, claiming that COVID-19 is just a “little flu.” He refuses to introduce sharp restrictions that helped the US and some of the European countries to contain the virus.


Source: radio.com

While America and the majority of European countries are in the process of easing up their measures and are slowly reopening, the worst is yet to come to Brazil. The most populated South American country has 211 million inhabitants, and their hospitals are on the point break, while people are dying at their homes without treatment.

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Virologist Paulo Brandão, from Sao Paulo University, said: “We have all the conditions here for the pandemic to become much more serious.”Officially, Brazil has almost 70 thousand infected, while another 4,500 already died. But, due to the Brazilian authorities’ laziness in dealing with the crisis, it is believed that this number is more significant. There haven’t been enough tests, and people are hesitant to report themselves in the hospitals unless they have severe symptoms.

According to some local scientists, there could be well over 1 million people infected in this South American country. Because of their slow and almost non-existent response, it is believed that coronavirus could stick in Brazil till winter when it could hit the country even harder.

Across the world, the death toll climbed up to 210,000 people, according to Johns Hopkins University. In the US, this number stands at 55,000, which is as much deceased as there was after the Vietnam war.

Source: nypost.com