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5 Things to Know When Buying a Mobility Scooter – 2024 Guide

by Elsa Stringer

Mobility scooters are a new kind of electric, motorized wheelchair, adapted to those who have difficulties using the regular wheelchair. A regular wheelchair requires either someone to push you or a significant strength in the arm region that enables you to steer the wheelchair yourself. Therefore, in the case of elderly people, it is not always the most practical option.

These scooters are equipped with a comfortable seat, similar to a chair seat, and can operate on 3 or 4 wheels. When seated the feet are relaxed on a wide footplates board, able to rest even one foot apart from each other. The handlebars can be similar to the ones on the regular scooter motor, but without having to bend forward to reach it.

Most of them run on batteries, able to be charged from a battery unit pugged in the electricity source. Like most of the regular vehicles, they can also have turning signals, lighting for the night use, and even a speed limiter to prevent over speeding. Browsing the fastfuriousscooters.nl will give you a more visual idea about what shapes and sizes mobility scooters can have.


With mobility scooters, elderly people have a side tool that adds to their independence. And who wouldn’t want to be independent by the time they reach very old age. But with so many available on the market today, the question is what should you know when buying a mobility scooter.

You should know the class of the mobility scooter you want to buy. There are two classes of mobility scooters, currently on the market. Class 2 and Class 3. They also come, as we already mentioned, as three-wheelers and four-wheelers. Depending on the area where you will be using your mobility scooter most, you choose the class and the number of wheels.

Scooters of Class 2 are the light ones, perfect for people who will use them on pavements. The speed limit of course is adapted to the pedestrian area, not exceeding 4 mph. Many class 2 scooters can be very quickly dismantled and therefore easily transported in the car. So, if you plan to use them for short distance travels to the supermarket and back, they are your perfect choice.

Class 3 is a bit heavier and larger. If you need assistance in going more of a distance, with class 3 you will be able to use the local roads – in case you register the scooter and add signal lights to it. For the same reason they are allowed on roads, they are also faster than the Class 3, going almost 8 mph. So, no doubt you will have much more time efficiency with Class 3.

The model of mobility scooter


Assessing your individual needs and the circumstances you live will guide you best in buying the correct one. However, we will mention a couple of models based on which you will assess better:


  • Road scooters – best used for people who need to travel longer, with the possibility of using public roads. Their appearance is also similar to a regular motorcycle. They belong to the class 3 vehicles, so maximum travel speed can be 8 mph, and signal lights are installed for safety on the road. If you enjoy nature outside of the place you live in, this type is perfect for you. However, they are not so practical for transport, since you need a trailer for them.
  • Mid-sized scooters- are smaller than road scooters and are Class 2. They are equipped with a decent-sized battery making sure you can still travel further with one charge. If you plan on going grocery shopping, they are equipped with separate storage space, making the transport of the goods you buy easier. The maximum speed they can develop is 4 mph, but some types can travel up to 6 mph and with that speed can use public roads. They are not so light, but in case you need to transport them somewhere, they can easily be dismantled.
  • Boot scooters – are the most popular choice. The reason behind their popularity is in their lightness and ability to quickly be dismantled and transported by a car. They are also class 2, which means only pavement usage is allowed, traveling at a maximum speed of 4 mph. Batteries are smaller and enough for short travels to the shops nearby.

All the mentioned models can be equipped with three or four wheels. This you decide based on the environment you will be using your mobile scooter at. Three-wheelers are much easier to handle in the city areas, on the pavement. Their turning radius is much wider, making them easily maneuvered. While four-wheelers are more useful in the hilly terrains, that are not necessarily paved or even. They offer more stability while driving on these surfaces.

The maximum weight a mobile scooter can handle

In case your immobility has caused you to gain weight, this should be an important point in choosing the scooter. After all your safety and balance depend on it. If you plan to use it for short travels around your house, and a boot scooter caught your attention, think again. These are usually lightweight and have a limited capacity of weight they can handle. Ignoring this might make your guarantee invalid if something happens.



It would be unpractical if you buy a road scooter and haven’t got a garage or a shed where you can keep it. Decide based on your housing capacity. Your scooter will need to be charged during the night, so if you live in a flat, better to buy a boot scooter.

Service and guarantee



When you cannot decide whether to buy a second-hand mobility scooter or spend some extra savings on buying a new one, you should think about the possibility of repairing your scooter promptly. Most of them when bought new have a guarantee of service for at least a year, which is good. But if you already know someone in your vicinity who can repair it quickly if something happens, then maybe a second-hand one is also an option.

Regardless of whether you will be using the indoor or outdoor, mobility scooters are an excellent solution that will encourage you to enjoy life again, being able to move independently.

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