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10 Things to Avoid When Wearing a Lace Front Wig – 2024 Guide

by Elsa Stringer

There is a high chance of making mistakes while wearing the lace wig, if you are doing it without learning. You won’t have to spend a lot of time on that even. There is not much to learn about. But you should definitely know some of the things and mistakes that you need to avoid.

And where to learn from that?


Unice.com is the perfect site to learn about the mistakes that you might make while wearing wig for first time. You can go through the article to know about the most common mistakes that have been made by people. It will help you to avoid them and do the thing properly.

The things you need to avoid

There are certain things that you need to avoid, no matter what. And here is the list of the 10 most common mistakes made by women while wearing the lace wigs.

1. Not pinning it down

Lace wigs provide you with pins to get the wig attached to your hair. If you do not pin down all of them properly, the wig will seem unnatural. Only using the Wig adhesive is not enough, you have to also pin it properly. Otherwise, the hair will remain fluffy and give you an unnatural look. Therefore, do avoid this mistake.

2. Too much cutting of the lace front


The front lace had to be cut down so that it looks more natural. You have to wear the wig and then cut off the front lace right at the point of your hairline. Even half an inch of the lace will be easily visible and will ruin your look. And that, you never want. Therefore, make sure to give it a nice cut and spread some bangs at the front to merge them well.

3. Keeping the wig far away from natural line

Similar to the previous one, if you keep the wig too low or far behind the hairline, it will not give you a natural look. Therefore, if you have a wide forehead, do not try to cover it with the wig. Although you can pull down the wig a bit, but not too much. If you try to pull it down too much, again it will look unnatural that you do not want.

4. Not applying styling products to the wigs


Yes, do apply styling products on the wigs too. They have the same texture as you natural hair. Therefore, regularly shampoo your Wigs and also use conditioner upon them. In addition, if you are using hot irons, make sure to use the heat protection sprays and serums. These products will maintain the quality of the Wig.

5. Going for perfection


Nothing in this world is completely perfect. There is beauty in things only because they are having a natural pattern and not a straight line. Therefore, do not try to make a straight line with the Wig either. You should make it look as natural as you can. It can be done by showing some baby hair. Or you can make them somewhat loose or leave out the bangs.

6. Not using the right Wig glue


Wig adhesives play an important role in maintaining the overall look. Not using the right glue might result in getting it off while you are enjoying the party. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing? It would definitely be. Therefore, always use an effective glue and prevent any such mishap. You can buy a good adhesive by looking at the ratings and reviews of the buyers.

7. Using the wrong texture


This is also one of the most common mistake made by people. If you have wavy hair and you go for a curly Wig, it will change your personality. In addition, if the texture is different, you natural hair will look completely different in between the Wig hairs. The look will be unnatural and will ruin your hairstyle. Therefore, always go for a right texture, which is similar to your natural texture.

8. Going for the wrong color


Similar to the selection of different texture, a different color will also make a difference to your hair. If your hair color is dark brown and you go for Blonde color, both of them will seem unfit and unnatural. Therefore, stick to the color of your hairs and not the one that you want. Or you can simply color your hair to the one that you really like and love.

9. Using the Unflattering style

You should be careful with the style that suits your face. Only selecting the right color and texture is not enough. You should also be careful with the style. You can use curlers or straighteners to style it so that you will look great every time and everywhere. You can go to parties and make a fancy hairstyle. In addition to this, you can also wear them to have a regular style.

10. Not securing the Wig


You can secure it by using the right glue or adhesive. Or you can pin it properly to keep them close to your natural hair. If it is not secured properly, it will fall off or will slide and will ruin your style. For a completely secure lace Wig, you will also have to tie up your hair completely underneath it. You can do so by making the braids so that they won’t get loosened up. Or you can wear some net cap to secure them tightly in place without messing with your style.

To sum up…

There wouldn’t be anything worse than getting roasted for having the worst style. You can go with styled wigs in different colors and textures, but if you won’t wear them properly they will be of no use. You will ultimately have a bad hair day. So be careful for all the mistakes that have been mentioned before. If you are able to avoid them, you will get the simply perfect results.