There is finally a McLaren Car Everyone Can Afford to Purchase

by Elsa Stringer
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The time of you not being able to by a supercar form this famous brand is a thing of the past. Well, in one way at least. McLaren has presented a great new edition to their lineup, specifically for their youngest fans!

The McLaren 720S starts at only $400, which means you can get 700 of these for one real model of the 720S Coupé. Although significantly slower and smaller than the real deal, it will still offer a great amount of fun to the drivers.

McLaren 720S

This small toy car is for children, but those young at heart who are able to squeeze inside can also enjoy it. The electric kid car sports an accelerator pedal and engine sounds. Also, the parents get a remote to control their children if they get carried away. The car has brake lights, for a real amount of safety and the earliest regulation steps a child can take with driving.

McLaren 720S

This miniature 720S is awesomely similar to the real vehicle, and it even has an infotainment system with buttons on the dashboard. It is able to play music and short movies, and it is programmed with popular songs the 6 year olds will enjoy.
Amazingly, the kiddie car has dihedral doors that open up like the real thing has, and the company promises exposed carbon-style elements too.

This is hardly the first example of an electric car that mimics the real one. It is a smart and proven brand identity building move targeted at the young audience. Although some may view this as a money grabbing opportunity, kids tend to like these kind of things, and if you can afford them one, they will have an unforgettable childhood, whether or not they grow up to love or hate McLaren.

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