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The Woman Who Separated J.Lo And Rodriguez Provokes Again

by Nebojša Vujinović

Reality star Madison Lacroix was in the public spotlight three months ago when stories began about an alleged affair with Alex Rodriguez, a baseball legend.

He was in a relationship with the singer Jennifer Lopez at that time, more precisely, they were engaged and were planning a wedding. In vain, everything was interrupted, and although the Latino diva said that the third person was not the culprit, the fans never believed it.

Madison herself previously admitted to the media that she had talked to Alex, but that nothing more had happened between them and that their relationship was platonic. It happened after the broadcast of new episodes of the reality show in which she participates, and in which she is accused of sleeping with a mysterious former baseball player, which could be Alex.

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“I tried to be as quiet as possible. I don’t wish him any harm, nor his family. We are definitely innocent in all this. We never met or had physical contact. We are just acquaintances and Alex and I have never cheated on Jennifer, physically.” Madison told “Page Six” at the time.

However, a source close to Alex said that he did not know who Lacroix was at all.

According to the media, J. Lo has not yet returned a luxurious engagement ring worth 1,800,000 dollars to Rodriguez. The two have reportedly not talked about it yet. A source close to the former couple revealed that the two of them often gifted very expensive pieces of jewelry to each other, so it is likely that Alex will not force J.Lo to return the ring to him.


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Although Madison persistently claims that she was never intimate with Rodriguez, the fact is that Jay Lo broke off his engagement and left Alex a few days after the story about Madison and the baseball player reached the public.

“I must be honest. I have nothing to do with their breakup and I think everyone knows that, “said the reality star.

Rumors have been confirmed this week that Jay Lo and Ben are together. They were caught kissing in a restaurant and did not pay attention to the side views, so some fans are definitely happy with this news.

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As J.Lo is now again in a relationship with actor Ben Affleck,  with whom she was engaged 17 years ago, some say that Madison should be thanked for that. If it weren’t for her, who was allegedly hanging around Alex, “Bennifer” wouldn’t have been reactivated. Lacroix joked and provoked the singer by saying: “You’re welcome!”