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The Wedding Attire For Men – Which Choice Is The Right One?

by Sinke Car

Besides being one of the most joyful events in one’s lifetime, weddings are the perfect occasion for dressing up elegantly. We have all been in the situation when we felt confused about the choice of the outfit for a wedding. There are numerous options, and you simply don’t know which the right one is.

It doesn’t matter if you are in the position of being an invited guest, best man, or the groom himself, you want to look perfectly for that day. But, how do you manage to look perfectly and choose the right attire? In case you are bothered by this question, don’t worry.  

In this article, some essentials one must take into consideration when it comes to, for instance, Politix men’s wedding suits and what you need to know. At times men will only put thought into things like this when they have to, check out some ideas to help out.

Tuxedo Vs. Suit


The main distinction between these two lies in the level of formality. In other words, a tuxedo is considered to be slightly more elegant, compared to a suit. Therefore, in case you are the groom, or the part of the entourage, the tux will fit you perfectly. It is also possible that the groomsmen will wear matching suits, while the groom will choose a tux, simply to differentiate himself. 

If you are considering a tux for your upcoming wedding, here is a piece of advice – it is not a bad idea to try to combine the color of your tie or bow with the dominant color of the bridal bouquet.

While speaking of colors, we should touch upon the color of your suit. Usually, the bride and groom decide the color theme, but some general opinion about the colors revolves around navy blue and gray colors.

The Price of the Suit


In case you doubt whether it is worth to spend a few extra bucks on a proper suit, think about the nature of the event itself. Weddings are formal events which require a certain level of elegance. You want to leave a good impression, and the cheap-looking suit won’t help you with that. Therefore, don’t feel bad if you spend a few more bucks on a proper one! Just think about all the photos and videos which will capture this beautiful day forever. In a few years time, you will probably want to look back on your outfit and be proud of your choice.

Stay true to yourself!


The following advice is related to the way you feel in the suit. The most important thing is that the suit simply fits both your figure and personality. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if the suits is old, or new, tailored specially for you, or not, the thing that matters is that the size is right, and that you feel comfortable in it!

Don’t go for the cheap one!

This is the event that happens once in a lifetime and you do not want to wear some cheap suit just to spare some money. In an occasion like this you need to be perfect and to astonish the people around you. After all it is the wedding and by itself it needs a touch of class. It is certain that you would not like to see your photos of the wedding in the future and to regret the outfit or to be ashamed of what you were wearing. So it is the right time and place to wear something that is of a high class material. If you do not know what to do, remember the words of Rockefeller, if I do not know what is good I know what is expensive. 

What Colour Suit Should You Choose?


This, call it an issue can be very exhausting. Groom usually pick color in agreement with the bride. You should never choose black color and there is a big chance that the bride will not agree as well. Also it is not common to choose some outrageous colors. What is the most popular nowadays is navy blue color and the charcoal grey outfit. With these two colors, there is simply no room for mistakes.