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6 Reasons To Wear A Wood Watch

by William Gist

Wood watches are something very new to us, but it’s something that continues to catch the eye of the public. You might be asking yourself why that’s the case, and that’s exactly why you’re here.

In this article, we will give you our 6 reasons to wear a wood watch.

1. Uniqueness


Wood watches are specially handcrafted from the best wood, making them one of the most unique types of watches out there. While the majority of classical watches are manufactured in large quantities, wooden ones come with a touch of class. That’s not to say that classical watches aren’t good, but the unique nature of these watches is what makes them better. They might not be as expensive, but they can rival a classical watch simply because no two are alike.

2. Eco-Friendly

Wood is the most eco-friendly material, hence why these watches are the most eco-friendly ones out there. Since wood is biodegradable, the materials needed and workforce cannot be compared to metal watches. Furthermore, most companies that manufacture these watches are fully committed to preserving nature, and as a matter of fact, companies that make these watches plant a tree for every watch they sell. If you want to check out some cool wooden pieces, visit Urban Designer.

3. Rarity


Not many people out there have wooden watches. Add to the fact that every watch is unique in its own way that makes you extraordinary. Extraordinary things are fun, to say the least. And if you do choose to own a wooden watch, you will soon find out that it’s a great conversation starter.

4. Age Beautifully

Metal or plastic watches tend to wear down through time. One thing that you are certain to have over these watches is the fact that wood only looks more beautiful as time goes by. Since every watch is carefully designed, polished, and made to last, this makes wooden watches a timeless addition to your collection. Furthermore, as pointed out by menweartoday.com, this is a great accessory to wear during the summer!

5. Affordability


It’s safe to say that wooden watches are one of the most affordable pieces out there. Even the designer brand ones are quite affordable, actually. The highest a wooden watch can cost is up to $500. That’s not to say that you won’t find someone selling for much higher, but most watches go anything between $100 and $200. Since they are quite affordable, that makes them excellent for gift-giving. Furthermore, their importance cannot be measured, and you will soon discover a feeling of warmth and coziness as you wear it. The materials used are inexpensive, and cannot be matched with plastic or metal.

6. Made From Other Materials As Well

It’s safe to say that a watch cannot be made entirely out of wood. And while we all love it to be that way, it’s simply impossible. The parts that aren’t wood is the movement. The movement of these watches is made from standard mechanical quartz. There are other parts that are metal or plastic made, such as hands, crowns, and claps, but the majority of the watch is from biodegradable wood.