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The popularity of Football Nowadays

by William Gist

Football is one of the most popular sports nowadays, and there is certainly no doubt about that. Being almost tied up with Basketball, Football is popular in almost every country on the planet, both in terms of playing and watching. Even small countries have teams that compete and try to achieve certain goals in a certain league.


Why is football so popular? Well, first of all, it is really interesting to watch. Some people say that it might be slightly less interesting than basketball, but you usually hear that coming out of basketball fans only. Ask any football lover if they’re having fun watching a football game, and the answer will definitely be yes. There is a really interesting statistic which shows us that approximately four out of ten people are considering themselves to be soccer fans, and we’re talking global level here, which is quite a lot.

As for the watching part of football, there are definitely tons of people who love watching football but they don’t want to play the game itself, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The reason why this happens? Well, just like we’ve mentioned earlier, football is a sport that’s really fun to watch, and a lot of people enjoy every second of the match. Not to mention the passionate fans that are present on each one of the games their favorite team is playing. There’s a lot of passion for football, and there are many other interesting things to be in touch with outside of the game as well. Transfers and other club-inside politics are also fun to observe, and while we’re at it, feel free to check NowGoal, it’s a trustworthy site for everything related to football.

Unlike other sports such as golf or tennis, which tend to be popular only in those countries where the economy is pretty strong, football is really something that’s embraced everywhere, even in countries that are in drastic poverty. In fact, most of the professional football stars started out by playing with something that barely looks like a ball, simply because they didn’t have money for anything more than that.


Ronaldinho is one of those examples. He once said in an interview that back where he comes from, children get engaged in football activities from their earliest age, and they don’t care if they have good football shoes or a high-quality ball. They’ll even play bare-footed if they have to. Unlike tennis or golfing, you don’t really need anything else in order to play football, so as long as there is will, success can be made.


Another reason why people love watching football is that they admire the physical capabilities all of the professional players have. Just like we all know already, being a professional football player is probably one of the hardest things to achieve in life, and a lot of people are impressed by that, so they watch football for that reason alone. The amount of dedication and skill it takes to handle a ball like that, and run on a field for hours without stopping is truly something to marvel at. Not that other professional athletes are not impressive to watch, but since we’re talking about football here, we’re just stating some of the reasons why it is one of the most popular, if not the most popular sport out there.

And last but not least, another really popular reason why people watch football is betting. Betting on football games is something that is extremely common, especially in Europe. Some people might consider this as gambling, but in all honesty, if it is done in moderation with sums of money that are considered “silly”, it can really be a fun thing to do on weekends or anytime when you need a little bit of excitement. Watching a football game is really fun, but watching a game on which you’ve placed a little bit of cash is definitely more thrilling.

Imagine the amazing feeling when your favorite team wins a game, and you get to win some easy money at the same time, sounds great right? Well, football match betting is something that makes the sport itself even more popular than it already is, and there is a huge number of fans that started watching football that way.