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The Most Expensive Things Tom Brady Ever Bought!

by Elsa Stringer

Tom Brady is one of the greatest football players of all time. To a lot of fans, he is the best that has ever played the game. When you win 6 rings as a quarterback, more than anyone ever did – you are going to be in that conversation all the time. Nobody can dispute this man’s accomplishments on the field of football.

But, he has had a lot of success outside of the game as well. NFL job earned him a lot of money during his career, but his wife is also pretty successful – Gisele Bunchen is a well-known model that is one of the best in her profession.

With that being said, we can conclude that this couple is quite rich. Since that is the case, they were able to buy some pretty expensive stuff over the past 15 years. Here are some of them.

Aston Martin DB11


Every elegant man likes to have a car that can reflect his style. The same goes for Tom Brady who made sure that his car reflects him. Aston Martin DB11 usually costs 360.00 dollars, but Brady had something else in mind. He had to pay additional 50.000 dollars in order to get the Special Edition of this car that only a few own. Yep, Brady took that extra mile.

Expensive New York Condo


When you are as successful as this couple is in their respective professions, you don’t only have one home – you buy multiple condos and houses. But, you usually don’t buy one for 17 million dollars in New York as Tom Brady did. Located in Manhattan’s Flatiron District, this beauty of a condo is positioned on the 48th floor of the building. You can just imagine the view that he enjoys when he is in his home in NY.

Private Chef


Tom Brady is already 42 and he is not getting any younger. He is already played quarterback on a high level longer than anybody in the history of the NFL. TB12 plan and his workout program are helping him achieve that, but his nutrition also needs to be on point in order to stay in playing shape even though the „father time“ is already knocking on his door. Hiring a private chef goes a long way in helping him achieve his ultimate goal – playing until he is 45 and winning as many Super Bowl rings as he can.

LA Mansion


Condo in NY is impressive, no doubt about that. But, we might not be out of place saying that this one is even better. First of all, let’s start by saying that there is a moat around his LA mansion that cost him around 20 million dollars. Worked on for 4 long years, this mansion spans over 14.000 square feet. Garage with six cars is impressive, 8 bedrooms are also amazing. Of course, there is a pool. It is so desirable that Dr. Dre himself even offered 50 million dollars to buy it. The astonishing fact, isn’t it? Still, Tom did not want to give it up.