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The 5 Best Legit Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin

by Elsa Stringer

Bitcoin, a form of electronic cash, has been on the rise, especially since its inception. In fact, Bitcoin recently surpassed $5,000 besides having some bearish days. The uncensored digital money attracts unseen attention mainly because the concept is borderless and decentralized. Thus, the power of Bitcoin is starting to be appreciated all over the world.

Most of us would love to have an abundance of bitcoins, which it’s easier said than done. If you’ve been wondering which are the legit ways to earn free bitcoins, keep reading. These are the five best legit and low-entry barrier ways to acquire the highly sought free bitcoins.

1. Work for Bitcoin

One of the best and legit ways at the same time is working for Bitcoin. This doesn’t only sound easy, but it actually is. You can start working for Bitcoin immediately regardless of your occupation. In fact, you can offer your services and receive bitcoins in exchange on numerous websites and platforms, including Jobs4Bitcoins, Angle.Co, Cryptogrind, Crypto.jobs, Coinality, 21.co and bitWAGE.


2. Lend and Earn

Lending your money in order to earn is another popular and legal way to earn Bitcoins. Hence, you can put your money to work and lend it for earning a profit, especially if you are already HODLing Bitcoin. There are many platforms of which you can lend money and which give you a decent 12%-18% return on your investment in the form of bitcoins. There are various peer-to-peer Bitcoin lending platforms, such as Upstart, CircleBack Lending, Lending Club, and Prosper Marketplace. However, it’s worth mentioning that the lending space is very unregulated and you should stick to the platform policies.


3. Trade and Earn

You can also earn free Bitcoins through trading. It can be a very successful approach only by incorporating a lot of awareness and analysis. The main concept behind this idea is to invest in various cryptocurrencies when they are cheap and sell them when their price rises. Thus, you earn Satoshi and more Bitcoins. The best way to start is by closely following and buying your favorite cryptos. There are several bitcoin and altcoin exchanges that you buy from, including CoinMama, KuCoin, and Binance. Note that the list starts with the easiest exchanges and goes to the most advanced ones.


4. Earn from Faucets

You can also earn Bitcoins through Bitcoin faucets. The Bitcoin faucets are, in fact, mental tasks which you are required to do to earn a little bit of Bitcoin. Some of the tasks include playing games, watching videos, solving captchas, and clicking on ads. There is a countless number of faucets on the web. This way of earning is a great option for people who have lots of free time.


5. Earn by Helping People

If you’re good at online and offline research, this is the perfect way of earning Bitcoins for you. So, with this revolutionary way of earning bitcoins, you help other people and in return you get Bitcoins. One such platform is Bitfortip which pays you for giving Bitcoin tips. In fact, on the platform, everyone is allowed to ask a question and who provides the answer is the person who gets Bitcoin tips. What’s great about this mobile platform is the fact that it’s available in 11 international languages.


You might be wondering why we didn’t include mining and gambling. Well, mining is currently out of reach due to huge mining farms and ASICs, while gambling is an illegal way of earning Bitcoins. However, if you want to involve in mining, you can do so by purchasing an ASIC from Bitmain or by joining a cloud mining service.