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Have A Tattoo You Regret Getting? Here’s Why You Don’t Need To Worry – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

Tattoos are often known as a form of body modification where pigmented inks are inserted into the skin with your desired artwork style. Many may take years to decide on their final design, while others will spontaneously get the tattoo artist to decide. Either way, you may have grown out of your tattoo or be looking to redesign it as it wasn’t quite what you had in mind. You can opt for permanent removal or a temporary solution with the following methods.

Tattoo Removal Specialists

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The most popular option that requires no surgery or needles is laser tattoo removal. According to pulselightclinic.co.uk recent developments and advancements in laser technology, the two lasers, PicoWay and PicoSure, are great for targeting almost all ink colours and light to dark skin types.

Before you start any laser treatments, ensure you do your research and find a reputable clinic that will carry out a consultation before beginning any treatments. The consultant will determine your treatment plan and the number of treatments by assessing the depth, age, and ink colors at your consultation. In most cases, with Pico lasers, you will require a course of 8-12 treatments with 8-week intervals.

Laser tattoo removal works by laser shots onto the inked area of skin; this shatters the ink into tiny pieces and is absorbed by the body. The following 8 weeks post a laser tattoo removal treatment, the area will be healing, and the body will remove the ink through excretion.

If you consider a coverup of the existing tattoo, you should discuss your goals with a tattoo artist and visit them regularly while you have laser tattoo removal. As the tattoo is being redesigned, you will require fewer removal treatments, but it may be essential to fade the tattoo if it is dark to get your desired level of detail to be happy with your final piece.

Makeup coverage

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If you’re looking for a quick fix and worried about anyone asking about the tattoo, then there are plenty of high coverage foundations you can use to cover up the tattoo. If you have a more elaborate piece of body art, you may need a concealer and then foundation to help build coverage.

Keep in mind that not all foundations or coverage makeup will be waterproof. If you’re worried the makeup will interact with clothing or the foundation will fade away, you can conceal the tattoo by using clothing accessories and items.

If the tattoo is on your neck, you can wear a high neck or scarf; for arm tattoos, you can wear gloves or long sleeves, and feet tattoos, you can opt for tights or selective footwear; you can be creative, and it can be a great expression of your personality!

Makeup is a temporary solution that can also help while you have laser tattoo removal. Still, it is essential to follow all aftercare provided by your laser clinic to ensure no foreign objects are irritating the skin while healing.

Tattoos are no longer permanent but you should do your research before getting one

As you’ll be able to see if you’ve read this far, tattoos are no longer as permanent as they were. Although in some areas they are still taboo and frowned upon by employers (although they shouldn’t be), some people do still regret getting tattoos.

There are now methods which we have discussed how you can cover them up or get them removed. But there are also important factors to consider when you are looking to get a tattoo in the first place.

The best way to get rid of an embarrassing tattoo is to not have it in the first place! So please ensure you do a bit of research before getting your ink. Here are some tips below to look out for.

Where is your tattoo?

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A study shown in menshealth.com showed that most women will regret getting a tattoo on their upper back or feet. This is different from men who regret getting tattoos on their biceps and calves.

This is surprising as most people associate regretting a tattoo with it being visible meaning you are judged too quickly. A lot of people are too quick to stereotype people with tattoos. So, the biceps and calves make sense. With tattoos on these areas, men wouldn’t be able to wear short sleeves or shorts without their markings being visible.

However, women regretting having tattoos on their feet is quite interesting as these aren’t usually visible. To sum up, it just shows how hard it is to get a tattoo decision right. If people are regretting getting tattoos on their feet, then it may usually be because it is an ex-partner’s name which would make the decision more regrettable. It is also probable that laser tattoo removal is probably very painful on the foot as it is one of the more sensitive parts of the body.

How long before you made the decision?

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Interestingly, the research indicates that time was also considered to be a factor in ‘tattoo regret’. Sometimes people will get a tattoo on impulse. Obviously, this isn’t recommended, and you should always put a bit of time and effort into your decisions. Even if it is not permanent anymore, it’s still important to make a considered decision.

Some people take up to years to get a new tattoo. They do their own drawings which they work on for ages, but you can also put your faith in the tattoo artist themselves. At the end of the day, it comes down to trust. You could be absolutely sure you want a tattoo, and you know exactly where you want it but if the artist does it badly, then you’ll need to look at covering up as it can be quite distressing if you hate it. Although laser tattoo removal is also an option that shouldn’t be ruled out.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, even though getting a tattoo is not as permanent as it once was due to laser tattoo removal services and cover up options, its still important you put the time, effort and consideration before getting your tattoo so that you avoid that sense of regret.