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How to Drop a Surprise Party for a Friend: Ideas and Advice – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

Would you like to please your dear friend? Trivial gifts won’t make him/her happy, and it’s hard to guess and amuse. If you’ve already been in such a situation, we have some tips on how to impress your mate!

Pick a Particular Event

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You can organize a get-together to greet your companion from his/her vacation. It’s not enough for such an occasion to get a single balloon ordered on Balloons Online, and you want to give him/her a warm welcome hug! Of course, it’s up to you to decide on the celebration theme! However, it won’t be a good idea to throw a costume party, because the guests will come in fancy dresses, and the man of honor will feel awkward without a costume as it was a secret for him/her.

Consider Decoration

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Using colorful and themed air items, you can adorn everything from banquet halls to home gatherings. An arch is the perfect balloon decor to invite your guests to the event. Nothing screams “come on in and enjoy the holiday” like an entrance arch.

Balloon pillars are a great idea for the room decor. They greet guests warmly and set the theme. A foil star or themed helium-filled product may be placed on top of the pillars. Pick up a giant helium balloon in the shape of a star or heart, and write a warm personal message.

Besides, you may place air bouquets throughout the room, masking the bad spots and creating a magical holiday atmosphere. Order a huge balloon piñata and arrange a fun competition. There are so many options for airy decorations!

Select a Good Location

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If your apartment isn’t suitable for a noisy party or the neighbors can’t stand such events, it’s worth thinking about renting accommodation. It’s better to choose a place in the center or near transport stops so that all guests can easily get to the place. You can have a karaoke party in the cottage or villa, accommodate a large number of guests, spend time outdoors, and barbecue.

Party Leisure Time

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Everyone should have fun, so you need to compile a selection of popular music hits. If you don’t have them, just find a selection on the Internet or improvise when the guests arrive. You can also order delivery of special sets for the company games. Besides, ask that some invited people take the games they have at home. Pay attention to games that don’t require special preparation and offer just that option of relaxation.

The program should vary so that your friends will mark the evening at your home as one of the best. For example, you may play the game “Question-and-answer.” For this game, you need to take two vessels. In one, you put sheets of paper with questions, and in the other — random answers. One participant takes out a piece of paper with the question and asks it, and the other person should answer.

The classic version of “That Tune” in a noisy crowd of friends will take on a new meaning and, at the same time, reveal the musical abilities of your guests.

By the way, any party where you haven’t forgotten to play forfeits is bound to succeed.

Festive Food

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If you haven’t got snacks in advance, you can order food with delivery to the party site. Or you can call your friends and tell them that everyone should bring some fruit, cheese or drinks. A win-win option will be to have a barbecue if the party takes place in the open air. Such an atmosphere brings together and creates a particular mood.

Make sure there is enough food. Your guests won’t have to be hungry. Appetizers such as meatballs, sausage rolls, and chicken wings will be great options. You can give the food you eat with your hands a fun look by layering it in an unusual way. For example, serve cupcakes in plastic martini glasses or use small salted sticks instead of appetizer skewers.

Strong and Soft Drinks

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A good solution is to use a bar counter or table with just glasses, goblets, and the necessary ingredients. If you can hire a bartender, your guests will be delighted. Alcoholic beverages attract attention, but there are also refreshing cocktails or a variety of juices. Serve the tastiest drinks once your party starts because no one will remember them afterward.

Dairy products will make a good base for tasty drinks. Special tableware is the finishing touch—for example, champagne flutes or tall glasses.

Think of Hiring a Caterer or Bartender

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If you want to enjoy the party instead of worrying about the food, you can order a catering service that allows you to shift the delivery of provisions and serve treats to another person. Despite the financial cost of choosing this option, it will allow you to participate in the overall fun. Hiring a bartender to mix and serve drinks can be another exciting idea. A professional bartender will make your guests feel special and order any drinks they want.

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Arrange a Photozone

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A good party should be told by the colorful photos on Instagram, too! All you’ll need is a good wall background, appropriate lighting, and some fun captions. Set up your camera there on a tripod or put a selfie stick in a prominent place. Some people use instant print cameras for that.

Plan Your Budget Bearing in Mind Contingencies

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Make a list of tasks and the little things you need to shop for. Experienced party makers say that celebration venue rentals, drinks, and snacks make up about half of your planned budget. 10-15% of the total cost will go toward decorating the party site, and the remaining funds will be needed to pay for the rental of music equipment, the host (if any), and so on. Consider setting aside a reserve for emergencies as well. Perhaps more people will come to the party than you planned.

To make your party a success, take the event responsibly and plan everything. You may hold a holiday outdoors if the weather is bright and clear, or you may rent a cozy hall. Keep in mind that it’s a surprise party and put everything in strict secrecy. Don’t forget about yourself and pay attention so that no one and nothing can spoil your mood during the holiday.