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Supermodel Naomi Campbell Still Looks Flawless

by Elsa Stringer

Naomi Campbell, one of the most popular and widely recognized models on the planet, is 49 years old. As she gets close to 50, one would assume her career would slow down. On the contrary, she is still going as strong as ever, and she has given her 8.4 million followers on Instagram something truly special.


The attractive beauty has posed completely naked for a photoshoot, wearing only sandals and a giant hat. These snaps were a part of the Vivienne Westwood spring/summer 2024 campaign. She expressed her thanks to the designer and thanked her for their longtime collaboration.

“Such a pleasure to be the @viviennewestwood campaign girl!! Since having a 34-year friendship and relationship”, read the caption under the stunning photo.


“Your body is amazing”, “What a figure”, “You really don’t care about your age”, “Fabulous”, “I like this so much”, and “You look like a doll” were only some of the comments she received from her fans.