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5 Reasons Why a Subaru Might Be the Perfect Car for You

by Candice Bennett

Are you looking for a reliable car to get you through all kinds of weather and roads? You may have already considered a Subaru – but why?

Discover today why a Subaru could be the perfect car for you! From great resale value to advanced technology, learn about all the advantages of owning a Subaru.

Benefits of Subaru Cars

They are becoming increasingly popular around the world, and for good reason: they offer a broad range of benefits that make them ideal for many different kinds of drivers. Whether you’re looking for something with plenty of capability for your weekend adventures, a reliable vehicle for everyday commuting, or a feature-filled car to get you around town in style and comfort, a Subaru could be perfect for you. If you’re in the market for a Subaru in Australia, consider visiting citysubaru.com.au.

Here are some of the top benefits to consider when shopping for a new car.

Performance & Capability: Subarus are equipped with powerful engines, along with standard all-wheel-drive (AWD) giving you greater control and confidence no matter what terrain or conditions you face. Their symmetrical all-wheel drive system is more balanced than traditional AWD set ups and works together with many advanced safety features to help keep everyone safe on the road.

Reliability & Fuel Efficiency: They are renowned for their reliability and fuel economy ratings that exceed many competitors. Keep both cost and emissions low with an efficient engine designed to stand up to tough conditions.

Comfort & Convenience: Inside the cabin, expect ample cargo space along with comfortable seating in models like the Outback or Forester—perfect if you’ve got family travels in mind. And streamline your trips with intelligent hands-free accessories like EyeSight driver assist technology which can apply brakes when hazards appear ahead.

Safety: They consistently tops safety ratings lists each year due to its robust safety program that includes superior engineering plus driver assist technologies such as Lane Keep Assist and Blind Spot Detection so you can have peace of mind on every ride—no matter where it takes you!

1.  Safety Features


They provide exceptional safety and protection for passengers driving on long trips, as well as on city roads. Their standard symmetrical all-wheel drive system comes with Vehicle Dynamics Control and the four-mode Traction Control system, which help drivers to keep their cars in control even during hazardous road conditions.

Additionally, the EyeSight driver assistance technology monitors traffic movement and indicates if the car is straying from its lane or suddenly approaching something too quickly.

The Subaru Starlink Safety and Security system also comes standard in new Subaru models and includes features such as Automatic Collision Notification, Enhanced Roadside Assistance and SOS Emergency Assistance so that drivers can get assistance whenever they are in need.

They also offer drivers and passengers a range of airbags throughout the cabin which act as an extra layer of protection for passengers in case of a crash or collision.

2. Reliability

They are renowned for their unbeatable reliability, which is why they remain a popular choice among car enthusiasts. Subaru’s distinctive BOXER engine design helps ensure that the car runs smoothly and efficiently, offering better fuel economy for long journeys. This technology has been tested time and time again over years of driving and driving conditions, providing peace of mind that your Subaru won’t let you down even on the most difficult roads.

On top of this, the highly advanced engine uses fewer parts than conventional engines and so needs less regular maintenance over its lifetime. Furthermore, they are built to last due to their robust construction, which combines lightweight materials with a highly durable body shell in order to increase passenger comfort while providing added protection in case of an accident.

All this makes them a reliable choice that you can count on for many years to come.

3. Fuel Economy


When it comes to efficient vehicles, Subaru is a leader in the field. The combinations of different manual and continuously variable transmission (CVT) engines along with lightweight design features, make Subarus one of the most fuel-efficient cars in their class. Depending on the engine size and model, they typically have an average fuel economy of up to 32 miles per gallon (mpg) on city roads driving and 38 mpg on highways, while some new hybrid models can reach up to 48 mpg. That’s substantially better than the overall commercial car average, which is 28 mpg combined city/highway—all without sacrificing power or performance.

You’ll save money at the pump with a Subaru!

4. Cost

While there are some luxury Subarus with high price tags, most Subaru models are attractively affordable. Even if you’re looking for something with a bit of luxury included, there are options for most budgets. The price range for new and used Subaru vehicles is competitive compared to other car brands.

Maintenance will be another regular expense when owning a car like a Subaru — but once again, the cost is manageable. Newer models have low annual maintenance costs per mile compared to the industry average of 5 cents per mile after 10 years of ownership; many older Subarus still have low maintenance costs per mile even after over 20 years of ownership!

5. Variety of Models


They offer a wide range of models to suit any lifestyle, from the economical Impreza to the powerful WRX. Whether you’re looking for a car that is efficient, reliable, comfortable or just plain fun, Subaru has something for you.

The Impreza lineup includes both sedan and hatchback options with a variety of trim levels and options to choose from so you can get just what you need — like all-weather capability with the Impreza Sport-tech package or plenty of luxuries without going too far over budget with the Limited trim.

If you love power, check out the BRZ or WRX STI for an adrenaline-filled driving experience. Both come standard with impressive AWD performance technology. And don’t forget about the Forester — a great SUV option popular among outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for maximum cargo space and all-weather capability in one rugged package.

It seems that no matter what your lifestyle demands, Subaru has something to fit your needs and make every journey enjoyable.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a reliable and dependable car that can tackle any terrain, Subaru is a great option. With high tech safety features, improved fuel economy, comfortable seating for up to five passengers, and plenty of storage space for your activities and belongings; the Subaru is an excellent choice no matter what type of driving you’re doing.