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Styling Tape-In Hair Extensions: 5 Must-Know Tips

by Dangula Bingula

Now that you finally have your dream head of hair, it’s important to take the very best care of your tape-in extensions. Hair extensions are resilient and are designed to act like your real hair but a few silly mistakes could decrease their lifespan and cause them to slip or look unnatural.

Your stylist more than likely already provided you with some specific care instructions that you should carefully follow. However, it’s important to cover all your bases and make sure you are styling your extensions correctly too.

How to Style Your Tape-Ins the Right Way


Here are a few styling tips from EHHairExtensions:

  1. Buy the Right Brush

It might not seem like a big deal but you’ll enjoy your hair extensions a lot more if you’re using the right brush. A boar bristle brush is the best way to keep your locks smooth and frizz-free. A wet/dry detangling brush is an even better option for general brushing.

  1. Perfect the Backcomb

As someone who now has hair extensions, the backcomb is one technique that you’ll definitely want to perfect. Backcombing your hair can help you create a sexy, voluminous look in a matter of minutes. Just be sure to smooth the top layers out to avoid a frizzy finish.

  1. Dry Shampoo is a Must-Have

Dry shampoo is a great texturising spray and will help you to keep your tape-ins clean without water, which is ideal when you’re encouraged not to wash your extensions too often. A dry shampoo will also make it easier to style your hair and add some volume. Speak to your stylist about the best dry shampoo to use.


  1. Be Wary about Using Oily Products

If you struggle with frizzy hair, oil-based products are probably something you use quite regularly. Unfortunately, this can be a bit of disaster for your tape-ins. If the oil is applied anywhere near the bonds of your extensions, it could cause them to slip, which is why it’s best to keep oily products away from your scalp and roots.

  1. Always Use a Heat Protection Spray

This is a must-know tip whether you have hair extensions or not. You always want to protect your hair before you apply a heat styling tool to it. Heat will damage your hair, especially if you’re using it on a regular basis. There are a number of great heat protection sprays on the market that are specifically designed for hair extensions, so speak to your stylist about your options.

Style Your Tape-Ins like Your Natural Hair


If you have invested in top quality Remy type, you will be happy to know that you can go ahead and style your extensions in the same way you would your real hair. Quality hair extensions are designed to look and feel like your natural locks, so don’t be afraid to try out the styles you’ve always wanted to.


Your stylist can also show you how to style them during your application appointment if you would prefer to have a professional guide you.