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How to choose the best Victorian clothing for women

by Edvard Berlusconi

Queen Victoria ruled England from 1837 to 1901. This era was named as the Victorian Clothing Women, and this era dramatically changed the direction of style as women became the focus of fashion than men. Victoria’s aesthetics have never disappeared, and over the years have become increasingly popular throughout the world, because large fashion houses continue to produce clothing marked by properties that are highly valued for this era. One of the top features of this type of clothing is that these clothes are suitable for almost everybody and allow everyone to look luxurious, elegant, and graceful.

You can also dress like this elegant fashion in the present times. You have to be creative and able to make adjustments to your style to have a look of Victorian-style clothing. Here you will find the essential steps that you need to follow to choose the best dress for yourself.

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  1. Know the basics of women’s Victorian clothing:

You should have basic knowledge of this style if you are going to choose a Victorian dress for yourself. Preferably you have to search for shirts that have a high collar or with turtlenecks. The use of laces is widespread in this type of dresses so, sleeves, shirts, skirts and anything that is made of lace will give a specific look. Floor-length long A-line skirts that are fitted at the waist and flares out at the bottom, like ones available on thedarkattitude.com, are the critical element of Victorian clothing for women. You should choose suited but not revealing dresses and choose peasant blouses, vests or corseted tops to complement the look.

  1. Choose the right fabric:

This step is, perhaps the first step while choosing the best Victorian-style outfit. If you want to have, an older look prefers the dark and heavily saturated fabric, during select white and soft pastels for a younger look.

  1. Length of skirts:

The duration of the dress can vary with age. You can customize your skirt length from knee to ankles as sixteen old girls should cover their ankle.

  1. Select suitable shoes:

Select the shoes that compliment the look. For example, you can choose Oxford style and Gibson style shoes, bots with buttons or snaps, boots that cover from caff to ankle or leather dyed shoes can pass as Victorian footwear. However, be careful about sizes, it can be very uncomfortable if poorly fitted.

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  1. Carry Victorian-style small accessories:

To give the overall look of the best Victorian women, clothing carries small accessories in this style. For example:

  • Fold up fans looks very elegant and small purses that are attached to the bustle and hung at the side with a string.
  • Carry a small umbrella when you go outside.
  • Fingerless gloves can be a more efficient way to get the wanted look. Wrap your boots with white fabrics. Victorian women used to wrap to keep dust from getting into shoes.
  • Handkerchiefs with lacy versions are more likely to match this style.
  1. Wisely choose corsets for yourself:

The corset is an essential part of a Victorian woman’s clothing. Be careful while selecting a corset because if you wear a girdle that mismatches your size frequently for a long time, it can harm the organ and damage the rib cage or even cause severe breathing problems. Also though they can be beautiful and gives a graceful shape, you should limit your corset time to no more than a few hours a day and never sleep or work while wearing it. Choose the size that is most suitable for you, and never hold it so tight that your breathing is limited. Remove immediately if you feel weak or panting.

  1. Wear a modish hat:

The Victorian-style look is incomplete without a hat especially if you are planning to go outdoors. Wear a nice-looking antique hat that completes the look.

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  1. Wear brooches:

Brooches were very common in women clothing. Select the one that is plain silver or embellished with pearls; emerald can also be used.

  1. Wear gloves:

Wearing gloves is very important when you are going to dress in this style. Gloves can be of white and black color, but black gives the most elegant look.