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6 Tips For Getting Your Old Boat Back Into Shape

by Gaga Arizanov

Getting an old boat back into shape might look like an enormous task, but if you really love your old boat and you do not want to let go of it, you can give it a try. Moreover, there are professional companies that offer classic boat restoration services. Professional companies take great care of your boat. Companies like absoluteclassics.com have valet services for moving the boats. Moreover, they use temperature controlled rooms to keep your boats safe while the repair work is going on.

Common Problems That People Come Across In Old Boats

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With the passage of time, almost all key components of the boat start malfunctioning. However, some parts need more attention than others. The body is the most important because if there is even the slightest hole in the body, the vessel is sure to sink. The hull and the underside are all components of the body, and they are the ones that get damaged the most easily.

Apart from the body, the engine of the boat requires great care, and they get damaged with overuse and also when they are not used for a long while.

Some Things That You Can Do To Restore Your Old Vessel

Check The Spread Of Fungal Infection

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It is true that you cannot do a lot once a fungal infection has set in. So if you are beginning the repair, the first thing to do is check for fungus. If the main body of the vessel is made up of wood, then fungus can be a major spoiler. Fungus grows well in moist and enclosed spaces, and so the vessels that spend most of their time in water are quite prone to get infected by a fungus.

If a wooden plank has caught fungus, then you have no other option but to replace it. However, you must also ensure that the infection does not spread, so you should mix an antifungal solution in the paint before you paint your boat during the restoration process.

Remove The Unnecessary Sealants And Adhesives From The Body

Many people use sealants on the other body to patch minor defects; however, if you are going for a full scale restoration, you should get rid of the unnecessary adhesives on the outer body. These patches make the boat look old and tattered, so removing them and getting the repair done instead of patching them is a better idea.

Clean The Boat

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If you have a metal body or a fiberglass body, then you can use a mild detergent and water to clean the boat. However, make sure not to use any hard abrasive surface while cleaning. Abrasives can create permanent scratches on the body.

Moreover, a harsh detergent can corrode the main body if it is made up of metals, so it is crucial to avoid them. Again, do not use a spray or a nozzle to pour the detergent because it can leave water marks that affect the overall look of the boat.

Some people use bleach or hydrogen peroxide solution to clean the outer surface. Bleach is nothing but a strong oxidizing agent, and if you use bleach for cleaning, the painting will have to be redone because even the color of the boat will get bleached when you are using hydrogen peroxide for cleaning.

Use A Water-repellent Coating

When people use a water-repellent coating, they make sure that the boat does not get damaged by moisture. If you have a wooden boat, it is a good idea to use an epoxy coating. However, for other material use, you can use a gel coat restorer. These restorers are gel-like substances that have chemicals for maintaining the color of the body for a long time.

Most of the gel-based coats have color enhancers in them, so it is not ideal to use these if you have a white colored vessel. To apply the gel-based coat, you need to paint it on the surface and then wait for ten minutes for it to dry.

Repairing The Engine And Battery

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Once the body has been taken care of, you should focus on the machinery that runs the vessels, that is, the engine and the batteries. The engine runs for a longer time if the main fuel is diesel based; however, the lifetime is much less for a petrol powered engine the lifetime is much less. If the engine is not functioning, the first thing to do is grease it; however, if it still does not work, you probably need to replace it.

The engine might also have problems like failure of the ignition switch or damage to the propeller. At times there might be an issue with the connection with the battery. If the connection to the battery is compromised, then you probably need to replace the connecting wires. However, to detect such problems, you will need professional help, and it is a good idea to visit a professional boat restoration company.

The battery may need a cycle of recharging; if the boat has been non-functional for some time, but it has not been in use for several years, then simply recharging the battery will not be of much help.

Replace The Old Seating And Lights On The Vessel

The seating and the lights have a huge role to play in the appearance of a boat and if you want a brand new look, then getting new seats and lights is a must.


There can be many reasons why you want to restore an old boat. Some people do it as a hobby; others might do it to rediscover a passion. Whatever your reason for restoring an old vessel, you must know that prevention is better than cure, so always use lubricants on vessels to prevent damage in the near future. And you must also know that there are professionals who can restore very old vessels, and if you cannot restore things yourself, you should consult the professionals.