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No Need To Call The Professionals: Solar Panel Installation Can Be DIYed

by Nina Smith

Saving money, making money, investing money. All stuff is about money. Everyone loves financial wealth and a sustained lifestyle. Today, the sun can help you get these alongside 24/7 available electricity and environmental sustainability. I assume you already have thoughts on what I am talking about. Exactly! Solar energy is your financial assistant. It helps you save money, cleanse the environment, and consume electricity non-stop. There, you may ask, “How does it help me to save money if the equipment supplying the sun’s power is costly?” Well, let me tell you that the equipment supplying the energy of the sun – solar panel system, may seem costly at first but isn’t at all. How can that happen?

Solar panel companies like Texas Solar Group care about their customers. They want them to have the best buying experience without worrying about cost, comfort, and further durability of the equipment they purchase. That is why companies represent a wide variety of financing options and incentives to make customers enjoy their solar experience. One of the best and savvy options that companies offer is purchasing solar panel kits. These are bundles of equipment that incorporate all the essential components for efficient and long-lasting consumption of the sun’s power. Believe it or not, solar panel kits are savvier, more eco-friendly and durable than other pieces of equipment. Why? Because they can be DIY installed and maintained. That is the reason companies call them home photovoltaic (PV) panel kits – you can take care of them by yourself at home without additional professional assistance. I guess you want to know more about how you save with such equipment and how they benefit you along with the surroundings. So, let’s go on and explore them from head to toe.

Essentials Of Solar Panel Kits For Home

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I know that my introduction to the PV panel kits has been promising and made the process of owning the equipment seem easy. Indeed, I would like to highlight key points that should be considered while purchasing a solar panel kit if you want smooth installation and performance. Let’s start with the pieces of equipment that a perfect bundle should have.

1. Solar Panel

As the name of the bundle hints, photovoltaic (PV) panels are the centerpiece of the kit. PV panels supply the energy of the sun. Without them, you can’t access solar energy. That is why you should ensure that a PV panel is the first piece included in the bundle.

2. Racking System

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Unless you may use a water body for PV panel installation, having a racking system is crucial. That is the system that connects solar panels to the roof. It ensures firm installation of the equipment for durable and long-lasting performance. Without it, you can’t sustain the equipment on your roof. There is no way of doing that without mounting PV panels on the racking system.

3. Inverter

As already mentioned, solar panels supply the sun’s energy. But only providing power is not enough. The energy of the sun should be converted into a usable type of power to be suitable for human consumption. Thanks to the inverter, we have the opportunity to convert the AC type of energy into the DC one. Turns out, an inverter is another crucial component without which going solar is meaningless.

4. Battery

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The solar panel battery is a lovely member of the bundle. It is an energy storage device that helps you have the energy for constant use upon demand. When PV panels generate too much power, the battery conserves the excess energy for later use. To your luck, that stored extra energy is at your disposal. That is, you can either consume it or use it to make money. Hold on; we will dig deeper into that one shortly.

5. Performance Monitoring System

We can infer from the name that the system is strongly connected with the panel performance. True! A performance monitoring system helps us control how well PV panels function. Thanks to the system, we have the chance to notice performance malfunctions and immediately get rid of them. Without such a system, the probability of getting frequent professional and costly help from the solar panel company is high. With such a system, you control the situation for it not to become a financial burden.

DIY PV Kits Bring Money

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Along with all the benefits connected with the environment and finances, the aspect of making money through the consumption of the sun’s energy is outrageous. Imagine using something and earning money instead. Doesn’t it feel like a dream? Well, turns out it can be made a reality by going solar. In the solar world, money generation is possible with two methods: sales and investments.


With sales, everything is simpler. Do you remember the solar panel battery? That is the equipment that helps you in making money through sales. Let me explain. When the storage equipment conserves energy, you can either consume it or…of course, sell it! To be exact, sell it back to the grid. Your income is a fixed amount of money per watt, depending on your residential area.


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With investments, profit is larger, but so is the hard work. One of the biggest advantages of going solar is having access to the solar stock market. That place is where the wealth thrives; especially nowadays when people strive towards environmental sustainability and think about investing in spheres that contribute to the eco-friendliness of the planet. Coming back to the main point of the discussion, there are two ways to become a solar investor. The first one is through opening a share dealing account, while the second one is through opening a trading account. These two help you to take a position in the solar stock market. Besides that one, they have no similarities further.

In the case of a share dealing account, you gain ownership of a company’s share. After establishing the ownership, you carefully follow the market prices. Once you notice an increase in the prices, comes the fun part – you resell it at a higher price and earn money!

On the contrary, everything is different with a trading account. In the case of that one, you don’t establish ownership of a company’s share. You never become a shareowner. Instead, at first, you hypothesize on the movement of market prices. Then, you start following attentively in which direction they move. The moment you notice that the direction in which prices tilt corresponds to the hypothesized one is the win-win. That is, your speculations turn out to be correct, and you earn money because of the strong intuition. See, the process is somehow long, complicated, and energy-consuming, but worth it in financial terms. Do not hesitate to make a solar investment; the result is beyond satisfying.

Bottom Line

After reading this article, you know that going solar is possible without professional help. Take notes on essential pieces of equipment for a prospective solar journey, understand the system of making money by consuming the energy of the sun, and go solar to experience your novel lifestyle. Believe me; you won’t regret going solar.

The sun shines brighter with every consumer – be one!