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A List Of The Best Software Development Companies In Vietnam

by Tracy Finke

The Information and Technology (IT) sector in Vietnam has grown significantly in the past few years. This has largely been attributed to the rising IT infrastructure, favorable regulatory environment, improving logistics, and friendly business reforms. In addition, the growth has been influenced by the increased need for software solution services.

Therefore, outsourcing software development to software companies in Vietnam merge the strategic option of business enterprises that want to cut fixed headcount cost. These software development companies help startup, medium, and large business enterprises with various custom products and services.

Furthermore, the software companies help other related companies by showing them the emerging trends in the competitive business environment. Adopting the new technologies helps software development companies to improve their services to meet international standards.

Top-rated software development companies in Vietnam

Source: forbes.com

The Covid 19 pandemic has taught the world a lesson. Many businesses, institutions, and other sectors of the economy were closed at the dawn of the Covid 19 pandemic. This forced many organizations to embrace information technology as their medium solution. So, software development companies have come to provide the best services to help individuals, businesses, and government agencies to operate effectively.

1. Orient Software Development Corporation

Source: orientsoftware.com

Orient Software Development Corporation is one of the leading software service providers in Vietnam. It is well known for providing high-quality software development solution services to its clients. The company’s reputation has immensely grown to be unmatchable compared to other related software developers.

Orient provides AI and machine learning, QA and Testing, Custom Software Development, and UX/UI Design services. These services are very important in the current world since they aid in integrating IT domains seamlessly. Orient has provided top-notch services realistically by having experienced personnel who know how to utilize the latest technological models.

2. Eztek Software Development Company

Eztek is another top-rated software development company for outsourcing software services in Vietnam. It was formed in 2011 to provide reliable, high-quality services. The company provides diverse solutions, which are important to different business enterprises and organizations.

Eztek engages in web development and mobile app development, aided largely by its agile team with lots of experience. Its mission is primarily to minimize project costs and help in maximizing profits to its clients. This ultimate goal makes Eztek one of the best companies to hire for your software requirements.

3. Agile Tech Vietnam

Source: agiletech.vn

Agile Tech is a high-quality outsourcing company in Vietnam formed in 2015. It specializes in blockchain services, big data services, and mobile app and website developments. Agile has partnered with many startups in providing great technology services because of the enormous investment amounting to millions of dollars.

The transparent process and talented team make Agile a ready service provider trusted in pursuing new innovative ideas. In addition, Agile Tech provides consulting services in digital transformation since technologies keep changing inevitably. The consulting services offered can range from data reports to automated marketing that polishes businesses to crammed potential.

Furthermore, Agile Tech has intense experience in enterprise management, FinTech Solutions, E-commerce platforms, and AI applications. They are also experts in applying advanced and edge cutting technologies to provide impactful ideas with a full range of scalable products.

4. Beetsoft Company limited

Source: designrush.com

Beetsoft has grown immensely in the past years to provide the best software solution services since its inception in 2014. The company caters to Small-Medium Enterprises (SME) and Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) globally. Beetspoft main services include; IT Outsourcing, Annotations, IT consultancy, and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services in Vietnam and Japan.

However, with more than seven years of outsourcing and IT, consultancy Beetsoft has elevated its stellar role in assisting companies and honing the skills of experts to provide better solutions. Beetsoft works with web design, consulting, web development, Apps, and artificial intelligence to ensure better service delivery.

5. Adamo software

Source: designrush.com

Adamo is a leading medium-sized software development company in Vietnam. The company provides full-cycle software development services ranging from mobile and web-centered enterprises solutions to portal development and web applications. In addition, Adamo has sound and developed technical expertise, extensive domain experience, knowledge of the latest technologies, and a quality-driven provision model.

These ensure that Adamo Software Company offers its clients timely, Progressive, and top-notch value solutions. Therefore, Adamo’s main mission is to tailor your ideas to make special software that fits consumer and business-oriented enterprises.

6. HDWEBSOFT Software Development Company

HDWEBSOFT is an exceptional company in Vietnam which is among the best currently in the market.  This software development company has been in operation for more than ten years and has scaled up its operations to a high level. HDWEBSOFT deals with web application development, custom software development, software testing, and UI/UX design, among other essential services.

It serves various clients from Canada, the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Sweden, Germany, and many other nations. Furthermore, it has seamlessly upgraded the custom software solutions for online business management broadcast for an ultimate goal of better service delivery.

7. AXON Active

Source: labo-offshore.com

This is an exceptional company that originated from Swiss and has been in operation for more than ten years in Vietnam. The company has immensely developed in terms of software development solutions. It majorly deals with software development and testing, web application development, and Agile & scrum training.

Axon’s reputation is outstanding because it has adopted updated systems that merge integration of other software developments. Their services meet the current needs and give exceptional satisfaction that resonates well with the demand and supply market. However, Axon, a strong company with large successful intercontinental projects, assists small to highly complex platform systems for various corporate clients.


Outsourcing services of software development companies have become a norm. Small businesses, medium and corporate organizations need to find a good company that can give them the best services they need. With a favorable regulatory environment and welcoming business reforms, Vietnam cannot disappoint you. Go for one of the industry-leading companies in Vietnam to untie the straining chains when seeking software solution services.