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4 Productive Ways To Start Social Marketing For Your Law Firms

by Tracy Finke

Nowadays, promotion is essential to provide direct information about your business. It lets prospective clients know what offers are available in your company.

The same goes for law firms. On this link, Law firms are likely to use social marketing to introduce Law Firm SEO directly. That way, they can tell the audience what is going on with their website.

Social marketing is an effective strategy for handing ways to create awareness, leads, content, collaboration, trust communication in its multiple forms, and more. The umbrella behavior has life in some states in every department. For that reason, it has become the center of the promotional introduction of most firms, especially law firms.

Sharing this content allows you to learn how to achieve productive ways to perform social marketing for your law firm. Each data contains a helpful idea that can secure your social marketing techniques. Let us move forward to explore this information. So, let us get started!

How To Manifest Results Of Your Firm With Social Media Presence?

This section contains some ways to conduct proper social media marketing. Also, it provides information to support each claim. It includes the following;

1. Familiarize the rules before you start

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As an SEO professional, being familiar with the rules is given. Thus, sharing the information with others is better when you are in a team, employ an in-house specialist, or have external help with your social media management. Knowing the authorities and their legal marketing compliance responsibilities is necessary to proceed with the plans and strategies.

Moreover, a central point of truth might be a better idea. It includes copywriting guide with examples of approved languages and links to ethics regulations and resources. The best example is the American Bar, your state Bar, and other approved sources. That way, those working on your behalf know where to look when in doubt.

Furthermore, personally reviewing content regularly before publishing it on your channels is an excellent idea. Remain current with the American Bar’s advertising updates and marketing rules to ensure ongoing compliance with ethical responsibilities.

2. Choose the best for your firm

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Deciding what is better is the nature of business. Improving your marketing strategy is necessary to developing great tactics to ensure the best result. A strong marketing strategy that includes a mix of marketing activities is the most significant factor in achieving your goals, especially in law firms. That is why having a new resource like social platforms can help excellently.

Let us start with your goal as you select which social platforms can add to your toolkit. Setting your goals is the first thing, and answer some questions about how social media can help your firm. Some of these are the following;

  • Do you need more clients, that is why you want to offer more consultations?
  • Do you like to introduce your law firm and inform the community about what is your law firm all about?
  • Do you want to provide valuable content authored by your firm to gain nurture leads, prospects, and customers?

Social media marketing allows you to get a yes to all these questions. Whether there is a paid or organic social media activities that you decide still, you need to have the reflection of different stages of the marketing funnel in your content strategy.

3. Be Clever

You might need to do paid versus organic social media. The same goes when your rivals choose to do so using one or the other. Thus, most professionals will use a mix of both to achieve different goals and appeal to people in various stages of the customers’ journey. Here is what paid and organic media are all about;


It refers to the paid promotional content on your social media channels. Several options exist on different platforms, like Facebook Ads, promoted Tweets, sponsored Instagram posts, Youtube video Ads, and more. With paid social media, you can see your desired results and get funds to achieve them.


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It refers to a natural audience around your channel that is not supported by paid promotion. Also, it is a long-term strategy that the audient pursues through engaging, educational, relevant content. Thus, ensure the 80/20 rule. 80% of your content adds value. Together with 20% promotes your firm. That means four out of five posts educate and entertain people on topics related to the area of law you practice. And one post promotes a free consultation.

4. Channel Selection

An effective social strategy doesn’t mean you must be on every channel. You can select the best one you find more efficient for your firm. Thus, all tracks have benefits. The demographics of your ideal audience should play a role in which channel you market on. Here are some of the media that might help you;


Source: metricool.com

Facebook is among the most popular social media platforms of all ages nowadays. It consists of 2.9 billion monthly users. 54.2% are between the ages of 35 to 65 or above, and 26.4% are aged 25 to 34. Also, Facebook has considered a powerful medium for marketing and advertising, whether it has organic or paid tactics, given the buying authority of the majority audience.

Ensure that your content aligns with the buyer journey if you have posted on Facebook already. In obtaining a more vast audience try boosting them with paid dollars if specific posts are performing well on organic. You can use the rank executing organic and boosted posts to drive the entire paid strategy.

Moreover, Facebook Ads lets you get your firm’s message to the right audience within your preferred fund. This social media targeting makes reaching a specific demographic simple, and Facebook Insights helps you track your firm’s ROI with detailed reporting.


Using Facebook, you can also double your effort by cross-promoting on Instagram. It is all from the same dashboard. As you know, Instagram’s age demographics attract younger with 33.5% of users in the 25 to 34% age range. This platform also has more visual focus than Facebook, with significant consideration in allocating budget and resources.


Twitter offers campaigns to level up the numbers of your followers and drive website traffic. It is for lawyers with a knack for words and thought leadership content. Using Twitter analytics, they can track all of it. Thus, ensure that you are within the 280-character max for Tweets once you’ve decided on the messaging you’ll use to attract prospective clients.

In addition, prospective Twitter content can also include answering the legal query that pertains to your practice area in a hospitable way. Given the platform’s emphasis on engagement, this media also interacts with other users by replying to tweets and retweeting them.

Also, you can create a longer-form asset like a blog post or ebook and promote it with Twitter Ads for subjects that perform excellently in organic tweets and recurring themes in the ongoing Twitter conversation.


Source: marketinginsidergroup.com

It is considered the world’s largest professional network. You can communicate with other lawyers or find potential talents here, and your law firm may be underutilizing it. Also, you can use this media, either organic or paid ads, to generate awareness of your law firm’s brand. The legal services you offer are essential also. Plus, drive high-value traffic to your law firm’s website.

On that note, it is an excellent way to build yourself as an authority in the area of law you practice. It promotes your firm without being too aggressive by sharing and offering leadership content from your account, like analyzing current events and legal reports.


Building great social marketing is also necessary to attract an audience to your law firm. Thus, you also need lawyers that can provide a leadership program to strengthen your claims. With social media platforms, you can promote your firm and share information that can answer their queries and inform them about what you can provide them. So, make a great deal with this social marketing to show the audience what you and your law firm are capable of.

Thank you, and Good luck!