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Social Media Marketing In 2024 – ‘Like & Share’

by Nina Smith

The world and its dog are on social media (3.6 billion people) – 24/7. So, if you have a brand to promote, a product to sell, or a service to offer, then social media is the place to hang out. As a 21st century business or e-commerce owner, you understand how the digital and online world is rapidly changing and evolving, and you recognise the benefits and importance of social media marketing. The (social) dilemma? ? You don’t have the time, the staff or the industry expertise to navigate this online advertising landscape. Cue the Social Advertising Agency – industry specialists and strategists who will make sure you get more than just ‘likes’ and ‘shares.’

Outsourcing your social advertising budget is a shrewd business decision – allowing industry experts to run and track your social media campaigns, increase your online exposure, help you connect to your target audience(s), meet your social media goals, and grow your business. (That is quite an offering!).

Social media marketing – promoting your business to potential customers vial social media platforms – involves:
social media management – creating and publishing content across social media channels, and
social media advertising – advertising on a social media to direct traffic to your website, e-commerce store or landing pages. According to Geonode, proxies can be very helpful for your overall social media strategy.

4 benefits of a social media marketing strategy:

1. Social media marketing grows your brand

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Brand building and maximising brand awareness are no-brainers when it comes to a business’ social media marketing objectives and budget. Consumers and customers want to buy brands they recognise.

Social media platforms allow for simple and effective brand building – getting your brand in front of your audiences (quickly, easily and consistently), attracting new audiences, as well as ensuring that your brand is perceived as credible, consistent and here to stay.

We live in a digital age and life happens on social media.
Social media has completely transformed the way we do life, and so the logic follows that it has also transformed the way we do business.

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media,
the question is how well we do it.”
– Erik Qualman, Author of Socialnomics.

Social media platforms never sleep and they are forever evolving, which means that social marketing is not an optional extra when it comes to brand awareness and standing out. This is where hiring a Social Advertising Agency/team will help you reap rewards; they have the resources, software, skills and experience to conceptualize and create social campaign strategies and content ideas to expand your reach, increase traffic to your website, generate leads, stretch your ad budget and get you those all-important sales.

2. Social media marketing scales your business

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A Social Media Marketing Agency such as Gmu.online is positioned within the industry to know what are best practices, what doesn’t work, and how to make informed data-based decisions from insights and analytics.

By taking ownership of your account and closely monitoring its growth, a Social Agency will give you the edge in a competitive space.

Social Advertising teams are integral to your e-commerce business as they are well-versed in digital tactics and are familiar with the technical algorithms to successfully build and grow your following on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin etc.

3. Social media marketing thinks outside the box

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In a highly competitive and continuously evolving industry, creative thinkers are key; keeping their fingers on the social pulse. This is where consistent and creative content becomes the iconic backbone of any social media strategy.

Social media platforms live or die based on content – it is the air they breathe. So, any social media marketing strategy will rely on well-crafted, intelligent, relevant, dynamic and exciting social ads and ad copy. This is the foundation of any brand campaign, and the means to boost conversion rates. It has the power to make users pause their scrolling and engage with your brand.

To get this right involves regularly updating your strategy as well as comprehensive SEO research and following user trends and behaviour on social media and search engines. (And adding a couple of strategically placed hashtags).

Social advertising also includes creatively and authentically engaging with your followers and nurturing them to personalise, improve and monitor their customer experience on your active social channels. One again, content comes to the rescue in the form of organic and paid ads. Creating compelling content is one of the trickiest and yet most effective social media tactics. You do not want to leave this to chance or to any ‘Tom, Dick or Harry.’

4. Social media marketing is an investment

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A social media marketing budget is an investment in your brand, and employing the services of a Social Agency is often a necessary investment as they are uniquely positioned to take you places on social media where you wouldn’t be able to go yourself.

They are also able to take an independent, dispassionate view of your brand and present it in an articulate yet direct manner, without the legacy of successes and failures that your company has been through. They look to the best interests of your brand, without the years of emotion tied into its origins.

The diverse benefits of engaging a social media marketing team to manage your social account are numerous. Just for starters, you get marketers, strategists, analysts and copywriters all weighing in on your brand and that translates into a social media success story.

It’s simple – as you invest in a Social Agency, they will be investing in you by aligning your social media goals with your business strategy. That is a win for everybody.

All that is left for you to still do is to go ahead and ‘like’ and ‘share’ this blog.  ?