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Backpack Basics: A Parent’s Guide To Choosing The Right Size For Kids

by Rhydian Choi

All kids are different, and so are their needs. When you plan to send your kids to school or for a trip, there’s much shopping to do. The most essential item that you should buy is a backpack. When they enter the nursery grade, that’s when the need begins. It will be correct even though they are studying or you plan to send them for a weekend getaway. Also, if you want your kids to explore themselves through the traveling world, you should get the right essentials, and the backpack is important.

The usage is constant; hence, you cannot randomly pick one for your kid. Your child is in the growing stage, so considering the best quality is recommended. You should check out SweetHoney Clothing’s kids backpacks and pick the best one that suits your kids’ needs.

Essentials While Buying A Backpack

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The shopping spree is always up as the kid’s range is vast, and the most comprehensive collection of school and adventure backpacks is available. However, the quality and pricing will be different. The rational customer intent is to choose the first backpack they get their hands on, and the additional factors helping the decision is that the bag is inexpensive and also serves the market trends.

However, compromising on the quality or competitive price of the bag is not the right thing to do.

It is because the inexpensive bags will last for some weeks only, or in some cases, they can go on for some months but nothing beyond that. Also, if you are choosing to buy your kid’s backpack from a shop with limited stuff, there is a high chance that you will compromise on the best things. The availability of limited choices might suffer from quality issues, and they might not fit your child as they grow and not go with their needs as well.

Three Things To Check While Buying The Right Backpack

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Nothing can stop a parent from wanting what’s best for their child. So, when looking for a backpack that suits your child’s interests and needs, you must check the selected one inside out to make the right choice. So, here are three things you should carefully check while purchasing.

  • It would help if you tried the backpack by letting your child wear it. If your child experiences discomfort, you should pay attention to it. It would help if you avoided any loose or uneven bags. Also, if the bag has careless stitching, it is undone, so you should not buy it.
  • Also, you should check for the frayed or raw edges of fabric that can be a part of the bag. These fabrics could unravel later. The quality decreases, and you would not want your child to use a flawed bag.
  • You need not choose the bags with zippers open to various weather conditions. The best way out in such cases is to select zippers with flaps made of reliable fabric. It also helps keep water and other things in it safe from the wrath of the changing weather conditions.

5 Factors For Choosing The Best Backpack For Your Child

After learning about the things you should check while buying a backpack for your child, here are some factors you should look out for before making the final payment.

  • Optimal Fit

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The right backpack size is essential, as your child will carry it wherever they go. Indeed, backpacks don’t fit properly, and if they are misused, they can cause significant issues for the child while growing up, like back pain followed by a strained shoulder or pain.

Proper fits are essential, and you should not compromise comfort for the price. However, it is optional for you to choose the most stylish bag or the one that comes with the most expensive hashtag.

  • Size

The backpack width should be proportionate to your child’s width. You should not choose an adult backpack for your child just for the sake of it or for the idea that they can use it when they grow up. The backpack’s measurements, especially the height, should extend two inches below the shoulder blades and reach the waist level. If it is slightly above the waist, that is also fine, as it will work for your child.

  • Padding And Broadness

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It is another thing you must see while choosing a bag for your child. You have to look for broad straps along with padding. It will offer better comfort and protect the shoulders from experiencing excessive pressure that can develop due to the bag’s weight. You should know that both straps should be used to help evenly divide the importance of the load on both shoulders. Try to get adjustable straps, which will lead to a proper fit.

  • Pockets And Compartments

Backpacks are utility items, and your kids will love the ones with pockets, dividers, or slots. They can distribute the weight and also help in storing small items. When the heavier items are placed closer to the child’s bag, it can strain the child’s back, and they can face health issues later on. But, the correct placement with slots and zips will help, and the lighter things can be placed so that the child’s body does not experience variation every day.

  • Weighting Capacity

Kids are small, and they are in their tender growing age. So, they should be protected from the bags, books, and other things that will be a part of your bag. The suggestion is that the bag should not carry more than 15% of your child’s body weight. The overall bag and its contents should not cross this weight. The best way to ensure this is by testing the bag along with the weight and seeing if your child can carry it. Testing is a must in this case.


The kids’ backpacks are another world where they will likely lose themselves out of interest and excitement. But, as a parent, you should take responsibility for choosing the right one for your child. You can implement these tips to help you make the right decision for your child’s everyday needs.