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Top Laser Tattoo Removal Myths Busted

by Lana

Laser tattoo removal is an excellent option for anyone living with tattoo regret. Having said this, many of those people don’t consider having laser removal because they are under some misconception that it’s harmful. If you’re one of these people, you may have thought that the process is too painful, it doesn’t work, or it may cause scarring.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. With technological advancements in laser tattoo removal, the process is now safer than it’s ever been. If you’re looking for accurate information about laser tattoo removal, you’ve come to the right place. So, let’s debunk some of the most common myths about getting laser tattoo removal.

It’s Too Painful

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One of the biggest concerns for many patients is that laser removal is too painful to bear. Many people imagine going into tattoo removal studios and spending hours in agony afterwards. This simply isn’t true. Tattoo removal is no more painful than having the tattoo done in the first place.

With the advancements in technology, like the laser used at NAAMA Studios in London, tattoo removal is now virtually painless. The technology is far more advanced at breaking down the tattoo particles so the body can do the rest of the work. Once the particles are small enough to absorb, they will enter the bloodstream and move onto the liver. At this time, they will exit the body as waste.

In addition to new laser technology, the industry is now benefiting from pain relief technology too. For instance, cryogenic equipment can numb the area of the tattoo as the ink is being broken down so the worst most patients feel is a slight sting.

Lasers Can’t Remove Certain Ink Colours

Some people don’t bother looking into laser tattoo removal because they think tattoos can’t be removed if they have certain colours in them. It’s common knowledge that colours, like green and blue, are notoriously difficult to remove. This isn’t the case anymore.

Emerging laser technology is much faster and safer at breaking down all colours which means there’s no need for long or extra sessions. Advancing technology allows lasers to target with far more precision than previous models and break down the tattoo so the ink can be absorbed naturally by the body. The same goes for anyone with dark skin who many think that their tattoos can’t be removed. New technology is precise and significantly lowers the risk of scarring on all types of skins.

Laser Removal Damages Skin

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Nobody wants to go and have a tattoo removed just to be left with an unsightly scar in its place. Many people avoid getting a tattoo removed because they believe it will be damaging to their skin. The truth is, laser tattoo removal is much safer than it used to be and with minimal risks it doesn’t have to end in damaged skin.

The best way to avoid any damage from happening is to use a professional technician with a lot of experience. Your technician should also be up to date with innovative technology that can minimise the risk to your skin during every session.

When your sessions are over, your technician will give you specific advice for keeping your skin in the best condition. You’ll be asked to keep the area covered for three days and avoid sun exposure once the area is uncovered. You may also be asked to avoid intense workouts so your skin doesn’t sweat too much. Taking heed of all of these recovery tips will ensure your skin is protected from start to finish.

It Only Takes One Long Session

Another common misconception is that tattoos can be removed in one long and painful session. This isn’t anywhere near the truth. On average, most patients need between two and six sessions to remove a tattoo. The number of sessions you need and the time that they last will be determined by your technician.

This will depend on the size of your tattoo, your skin type, and the colours in your tattoo. One of the benefits to advancing technology in tattoo removal is the increased ability to provide personalised treatment plans. Each laser has a wavelength and the wavelength can be adjusted for comfort and efficiency so your technician can get the job done as quickly as possible.

However, when you want a safe and successful removal, patience is key. Don’t be surprised if your sessions are spanned over a few months to give your skin the best chance at healing well.

I Can Remove A Tattoo With Cream

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Can you remove a tattoo with tattoo removal cream? No. Some people think that tattoo removal cream is a safer option to laser removal. This is far from the reality.

Tattoo removal creams are mostly ineffective and can be harmful to skin. The tattoo particles cannot be removed properly using cream alone and most users end up disappointed and usually turn to a professional for help. It’s always wise to get advice from a professional, rather than trying to remove the tattoo yourself.

Laser Removal Is Bad For The Environment

Looking after the planet is important and more and more people are becoming concerned with how things affect the environment. Up until now, laser removal equipment has taken a lot of energy to use so they haven’t been the most eco-friendly of products.

Advances in technology have changed that and laser equipment is far kinder to the environment. One session uses far less energy than it used to when using advanced technology. Patients who want to know that their session is eco-friendly can book a session with total peace of mind.

Laser Tattoo Removal Is Safe & Effective

In conclusion, it’s always important to get the facts about laser tattoo removal from professionals themselves. Having a quick consultation with a technician is the best way to get answers to your questions without making assumptions. Thanks to advancements in the industry, laser tattoo removal has never been safer or more effective. It is also relatively pain-free so you can make an appointment safe in the knowledge that you can get your unwanted tattoo removed and feel comfortable throughout.