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Simple Solutions to Stop Snoring without Medication

by William Gist

Snoring affects more people than you think. That’s because the only way you can find out if you are a snorer or not is after someone else tells you.

Snoring can be a result of sleep apnea or being obese. These might require professional medical help to get relief from their symptoms. But the most common reason people snore is bad posture and sleep habits.


Some of the side effects of snoring can be tiredness and fatigue, even after a full night’s sleep. It can even lead to more serious side effects such as heart disease and obesity.

Solutions to Snoring Caused by Bad Sleep Habits

Snoring caused by bad sleep habits can be remedied with simple changes in pillows or mattresses and do not require any medical professional. Below I will describe what steps you can take to get fast relief from snoring.


Anti-Snoring Pillows: One of the best methods to stop snoring is to upgrade to a special pillow that provides relief from snoring. These pillows are designed to add support to your neck and open the air passages while you sleep.

There are tons of different styles and shapes for anti-snore pillows available on the market. Some might be less comfortable than others and some provide better relief than most.

To help out, you can find up to date reviews and comparison charts of the best pillows for snoring here.


Memory Foam Mattress: Another easy solution to help you stop snoring is to upgrade your mattress to one made of memory foam. The memory foam today has advanced to the point it contours to your body and opens the airways while you sleep.

It might not be as easy to replace a mattress compared to a new pillow, but you should consider both for optimal relief.

Anti-Snore Strips: Most pharmacies and grocery stores sell nasal strips that look like band-aids but are designed to open the airways of the nose. These are very commonly found in athletes with crooked or un-even nostrils.

These strips are very cheap and are used only once, then you have to throw it away. Some of the cheaper brands do not stick well on your nose and will fall off while you sleep.


Mouthpiece: Finally, the last method I will mention is an over the counter anti-snore mouthpiece. These are usually designed by professional dentists and mouth specialists, but there are cheaper brands available online and local pharmacies.

The problem with these cheaper versions is the lack of comfort. Many complain they don’t fit well and return them after a few nights trying them on. But they will save you tons of money compared to doctor visits and customization from a dentist.



To summarize, snoring affects many people all around the world. It can cause fatigue and other side effects that affect your day to day activities. The solutions above are something you or anyone can try on their own for fast relief and comfort from snoring.