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Importance of RO Purifier & Filtration System in Every Household

by Dangula Bingula

Due to the increase in water pollution, it becomes more important than ever to purify your regular drink before drinking it. Earlier, people used to eliminate impurities from water by boiling it, but nowadays, merely doing that does not make the water fit for drinking. Here comes the need for a RO purifier. RO or Reverse Osmosis is an advanced process in which raw sample is subjected to high pressures to remove all traces of heavy metals, trihalomethanes, herbicides, pesticides and other impurities from it. Let’s have a look at the importance of RO filtration in every household.

7 Stages of RO Filtration and Purification System

The importance of RO purifier system is so much mainly because it purifies water in seven different steps:

  1. Removes dust and silt particles
  2. Removes bad taste, chemicals, and chlorine through the carbon filter
  3. Performs reverse osmosis
  4. Removes remaining impurities through a fine filter
  5. Makes your natural drink fresh
  6. Performs alkalization
  7. Kills viruses and bacteria through a UV filter. You can find out more stages of RO Filtration from this page

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Benefits of RO Treatment

  • Most importantly, the water you get after processing it through RO purifier is free from all particles and impurities. It removes all harmful chemicals from your drink, such as arsenic, parasites, and lead. Chemical-Free water is right for your health and keeps diseases at bay.
  • When your drink is free from debris and chemicals, it automatically tastes better than tap water. As a result, the water that you drink becomes more satisfying and refreshing than from other sources.
  • RO purifiers systems are very easy to maintain and do not consume much energy as well. Usually, RO service once in six months is enough to keep the system clean and fresh, provided that you keep changing the filter every now and then. It also consumes much less space than most other purifier types.
  • RO Purifiers are equipped with extensive purification processes that filter out all the possible impurities from your water. Now that you know the importance of RO purifier go and get one to ensure optimum health for all your family members.

Which Purifier Is Best

There are various kinds of purification system in the Indian market, but reverse osmosis and Ultraviolet based filter system are best among all. A RO purifier is based on the reverse osmosis technology, which eliminates the contamination by using a semi-permeable membrane. A membrane present in the RO water purifier can remove all kinds of dissolved impurities. The membrane size of a reverse osmosis treatment system is in Nano-meters, which even not allow human hair to pass through it. It also removes the microbes present in the raw water.

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The UV filtration system uses ultraviolet rays for the elimination of the pollutant present in your regular drinkable water. The ultraviolet rays kill or suspend the growth of microorganisms present in the sample. But one of the most significant drawbacks of this kind of treatment system is that it can’t punch out the dissolved impurities or heavy metals present in the water. To make a purification system more effective, the manufacturer starts using RO and UV technology together. Due to the presence of both powerful techniques in the same filtration system made it more effective and powerful weapon against unhealthy and contaminated water.

Expert Views On Various Filtration System

According to the RO Care India, your filtration system should be based on RO, UV, UF, TDS controller so that it can provide you 100% safe and healthy drinkable water. They are the leading manufacturer and service provider in Delhi NCR region. According to several studies in every four hours lost their lives due to the consumption of unclean water, thus using purification systems are the best way to protect you and your family health.