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Sia Goes Out Without Her Wig and Makeup

by Tracy Finke

Singer Sia Furler, except for her hits, is recognizable for her unusual wigs that cover her entire face during performances, and she rarely appears without them in public.

Recently Sia made her way to a music studio in Palm Springs without her trademark when the paparazzi spotted her. The 44-year-old star wore a protective mask, which helped her not to reveal her identity easily.

Image source: gotceleb.com

She was walking with Australian singer Eddie Benjamin, also known as the boyfriend of young dancer Maddie Ziegler, who is the star of Sia’s videos.

Image source: gotceleb.com

Sia was dressed in a casual combination this time, and her natural hair drew the most attention. The public usually can’t see her blond hair, because it is hidden under the wig on stage.  The singer was also makeup-free.

Image source: gotceleb.com

Late last year, Sia decided to surprise customers at one supermarket and pay all their bills at Walmart. Even then, she appeared without a wig, so they barely recognized her.

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