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Should you Have your Dream Honeymoon and Wedding in the Same Place?

by Dangula Bingula

Planning for a wedding and honeymoon takes time and effort, especially when getting into the nitty-gritty details. Choosing a destination for the event and where you’ll spend it is even more daunting.

Most of the wedding venue destination can double up as a honeymoon destination. Therefore, some couples may find it easier and cheaper to plan for both at the same place.

But, is this a viable idea? To answer that, let’s explore some of the factors to consider when deciding whether to have this two occasions the same place or not.

Dream Location


When planning for a dream wedding or a honeymoon destination, the first step is to pick the ideal place together with your partner. Make a list of the places you’ve always wanted to go to. You need to do your research on different dream destinations and pick the one that excites both of you. Talking it out will help you be well prepared and ready to compromise.

Ensure that your decision is based on the season, cultural practices, food, and adventures along with other realistic expectations in the dream destination. Also, check whether the place has beautiful scenery and romantic elements for a wedding and a honeymoon.

Some places are perfect for nuptials but not romantic enough for a honeymoon. Most couples may choose to do a wedding party at a beach because family, friends, and their kids will need a family-friendly place. Then, they can go to a sandals resort which is ideal for romantic couple dates.

Also, make sure that you know the reputation as well as the services that are offered in the place. Some of the popular destinations with the most beautiful scenery in the world include Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Los Cabos, Mexico, St. Kitts, Oahu, Hawaii, Cancun, Mexico and Costa Rica and more.

In Jamaica, for example, Rose Hall can be a great dream destination for a wedding and honeymoon. The place has lush green landscapes, secret waterfalls, historic ruins, panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea, beach escapes, and great majestic houses and more.

Adventures Both of you and your Partner will Enjoy


Another factor to consider is what you can do together for the honeymoon after the wedding party is over. For example, do you want to go wine tasting, zip-lining, relax on a beach, check out a museum or wish to have weekend-long minimoon?

Having a clear idea of what you want to do can help you decide if you will spend the honeymoon in the same place as your wedding or you want to explore other areas.

Also, if you want to hang out a little bit more with friends and family, then you can consider remaining in the same place after the wedding. You may take time during the day to interact with them and save the nights for the two of you. This happens mostly with those planning to live abroad.

Some couples, on the other hand, prefer spending their honeymoon away from family and friends. After a long and exhaustive pre-wedding week with family and friends, the last thing you want is to run into them when you want to relax and get some private time together with your partner.



Having a budget can guide you in picking an ideal location for the wedding and honeymoon. Setting a detailed budget for both occasions, expenses is vital. For example, if planning to travel abroad for the activities, you need to consider the currency exchange rates so that you can better track and plan the finances.

Spending the honeymoon in the same place, you plan to hold the wedding party can save you money. Also, some honeymoon destination offers a free wedding package if you book their resort earlier. That means you can also benefit from that if you go for that option. Also, if you decide to stay, you will be saving money on any additional transportation as well.

Some couples, on the other hand, may argue that money should not be a determinant when it comes to picking the right destination. After all, this is an event that only comes once in a lifetime. Therefore, they will find all means possible to get money to go to their honeymoon destination where they will enjoy their romantic time together.

Time Frame


The next thing that can help determine whether to go for both occasions in the same place is the time frame. Once you have picked an ideal destination based on your budget, then you need to think about how long you are going to be on vacation.

If one or both of you are working, you may need to consider the number of vacation days you have been allocated before resuming the official duties. Some couples can take weeks off, and others have only a few days to spare. The lucky ones with extra leave days can arrange for trips far away to Bali or Italy after the wedding party if the budget allows.

For some couples, they don’t want any additional travel. Traveling again after the wedding means more hassle even in putting together the suitcases is a big hassle. If they honeymoon in the same location as the wedding, they will spend less time traveling, packing and unpacking. Therefore, they will enjoy more extended romantic moments doing what they love most.

Also, if your time-frame allows you to have a more extended honeymoon, you may want to consider if the activities in your destination will be monotonous after spending a few days there.

Do you want to remain there doing the same activities and eating the same food for two or more weeks? A majority of couples prefer going to a new place, be in a new environment, explore a new town or location, and enjoy new experiences together.