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Secret Service Monitors George Lopez Because Donald Trump Joke

by Sinisav

PAGE SIX – 01/08/2020: Jokes are funny and all, but you should be careful who you joke with. George Lopez didn’t think when he made a joke about Donald Trump. To speak the truth, a few years ago, this type of jest would probably go unnoticed, even if it’s distasteful. But, today, when Donald Trump is the President of the United States, jokes that include Mr. Trump are monitored by the entire world.

Joking about killing the President are a severe matter, even if made for entertainment purposes. Because of the joke he made, Lopez is now being investigated by the Secret Service.

George Lopez

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

Even if it’s without a doubt, only a joke, Secret Service is now monitoring the famous comedian. The banter started when Iran put the bounty on Mr. President’s head. The value of POTUS’s head is set at $80 million by Iranian officials. Someone made an Instagram post about the matter, and Lopez later commented on it.

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George Lopez wrote that he would do it for half the price. A remark not found funny by many people, and not only Trump supporters. Now, the agency has him on their radar. When asked to comment on the subject, Secret Service representatives stated that they are aware of the comment made and that they are monitoring the situation. No further details were given.

While everyone gets this was a joke, the Secret Service is only doing their job. It is in their line of work to take any and all threats seriously regardless of who made them and in what context. The security of the President comes first, and Secret Service protocols regulate this. As we said, no further details were released as SS do not comment on their security protocols.

George Lopez not only has Secret Service on his back but also social media members turned on him. While Lopez swears it was only a joke, Trump supporters are restless. The hashtag #ArrestGeorgeLopez is rapidly gaining popularity on Twitter and Instagram.

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