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Scrap Wood – 4 Easy Ways to Make Extra Income – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

Do you have scrap wood in your yard? Can’t find a way to make good use of it? Here are 4 easy ways you can make extra income using it!

It’s no big secret that the tree industry is at high risk these days. Considered to be the most dangerous job in the USA, not only is it costly at the start, but it’s also hard to maintain. However, with all that being said, the reward can be great too.

If you’re in the tree industry, you already know what we’re talking about. But, have you ever asked yourself if there’s another way to make additional income from what you’re already doing? You haven’t?

Well, let us help you out with that. We’re providing 4 easy ways you can make some extra income with the equipment and skills you already possess. There’s also potential for you to pass this onto your partner, children, or even friends.

So, let’s jump right into it!

1. Firewood

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Starting off with firewood may seem obvious to some of you. However, there are many ways you can make the most out of them. Usually, an abundance of wood always seems to be left behind, you must find yourself wondering what you can do with it.

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Many companies split and sell firewood in bulk during the winter season. They do it either by the cord or the truckload. This is a common sight for folks living in the countryside as they need the wood to heat their homes using wood-burning stoves and outdoor wood boilers. But it’s not so common for city folks.

Potential and Possibilities

That’s right. Since trees, firewood, and land are kind of scarce in the city, you’ll find people ready to pay double to get their hands on some wood. This easily makes up for the time, energy, and effort you spend splitting and stacking all the firewood.

Other than people living in the city, you can also check out gas stations, campgrounds, and any other similar place. It’s a great way to make some easy cash and has the potential to bring in even more if you compare cord to cord amounts.

Campers pay way too much for just a small amount of firewood. This is a plus for you as they find it convenient to have their firewood right at the camp. Many campgrounds offer contracts as well, so you have the opportunity to return next year and the year later if you’re offering the best price!

2. Wood Chips

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Wood chips are quite popular these days, and you should definitely take advantage of that. The natural chips are being used in gardens, walkways, around trees, landscaping, and more.

Unfortunately, most people don’t own a dump truck, in which case they can’t get the chips in bulk. Instead, they buy individual, small, inconvenient bags one at a time.

Making Important Connections

Our recommendation for you would be to get in contact with garden clubs, private parks, homeowners associations, and local garden stores. Form a relationship, and you’ll be good to go!

That’s not all, you can even dye your wood chips and sell them as well. If you have a lot of chips in your possession, consider adding on to your business or company and get a bagger and dyer. Forget about selling the full load for just $10. You can charge $4-$5 for 2 cubic feet instead and get a substantial amount.

3. Mill and Wood Working

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Once it was just popular with people who are into nature to use free wood for benches, outside decor, tables, countertops, trims, and more. But now, everyone is interested in being a part of it.

Cutting boards, picnic tables, trim, countertops, the list is endless and so are the possibilities. Art shows, craft fairs, and farmer’s markets are popular places where you can make some extra income.

Hard Work Will Get You There

You might not make a fortune if you’re not personally doing the woodworking or milling the wood. However, you do need to find a place to dump the big, long pieces of wood you’ve broken your back over gathering. If the wood is too big to chip and you don’t have the time to spit it, try to find someone willing to buy the logs just as they are.

Not only are you helping them save money from buying store-bought wood, but you’ve also just avoided having to dump a trailer full of wood in your backyard for the hundredth time this year.

Nevertheless, if you do have the time and space to mill, you better get to it.

4. DIY Projects

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Last but not least – DIY projects. Another trend that has gained popularity and has potential for generating income.

Try going on to Pinterest, and you’ll find yourself being enamored by the DIY projects using wood, twigs, branches, and any kind of natural material. What’s more, there are people actually paying a lot of money for these as well.

It doesn’t matter whether they are hard or soft, people are literally buying a bundle of birches worth over $20 just to have them sit next to their fireplace. All because they add an elegant aesthetic to it. They are also very high in demand.

Staying Updated about the Trends

img source: pexels.com

You might be thinking that this is crazy, but it really isn’t so. People living in the city don’t have access or means to procure their own wood. They’re paying a lot of money for cake bases and placemats made out of logs to be used in their weddings and homes. Not to mention, twigs are now a major part of abstract art as well.

Times are changing, so it’s best to let your creative friends have some fun and make something awesome out of the wood you sell to them. You get the bragging rights, maybe even some free gifts, and not to mention, the money for all your hard work!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we’d like to say that we hope our article has convinced you that it’s possible to make extra income during the slow, cold months of winter. The times really are changing, and it might feel a bit daunting at first, but once you start, you’ll see all the potential too.

Browse the internet, see what people are into these days, and do your research well. Don’t forget to share this with your other woodworking buddies who might also be struggling. Let us know in the comments if you’ve managed to generate an extra income with the help of our tips. Stay safe and happy woodworking!