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San Francisco Web Design: 8 Benefits for Startups

by William Gist

A website is a business’s best tool for success, particularly in this day and age where online presence has become a necessity rather than a luxury. San Francisco web design is easily one of the most in-demand trades in this digital age.

Large companies are expected to have functional websites and even smart sites, but small businesses shouldn’t bank on their status to go small on business ventures as well. In fact, the startups have more need for a great website or mobile app—preferably both—in order to solidify their presence in the business world.

Here are the top eight benefits of hiring a web design and development agency for a startup:

1.   San Francisco web design cements brand


It is easy to create a brand when the public can match it with a “face.” That is what a website does—it provides the “face” for the brand in a more lengthy capacity. Television ads will only go on for seconds while print ads are dependent on one’s page-flipping. Ads on buses are fleeting; while exposure to billboards is dependent on traffic. But if your business has a website, your audience will have an image of your brand for as long as they stay on the page.

So why hire a web design company? Because they are experts in curating a website that perfectly matches your project. You want a website that will be in sync with all your other physical or digital products that promote your brand.

2.     Provides two-way communication between business and client

A website is one way for businesses to become more accessible to its audience and potential customers. It is an easy two-way communication. Of course, this means that the business needs to have full-service website functionality to enjoy that two-way communication that is essential for companies to improve their products and services. How?

When a customer is dissatisfied with a product, they can just write a feedback on the website rather than the more popular alternative: ranting about the subpar product or service on social media with the potential of such statements going viral. So as a business, if you want to improve products or services: read your feedbacks, sift the bad from the good as well as the facts from the fake, and do what you can in order to upgrade your selling points.

The same goes to the actual website—listen to what your audience have to say about your web design. If there are sections that are not functional, go back to the design agency and make sure that you have a useable website. You need to have a creative user interface and smart user exchange designs to not only have a beautiful website but to have one that is practicable as well. The UX design is going to be crucial if you want a website that will make people want to repeatedly visit your page or mobile app.

3.     Improves customer service


Related to benefit #2, if products and services are going to be improved because of the open communication between business and customers, then there is also a potential for the response to be between speedy and immediate. That is exactly what customers want, for their queries, needs, and complaints to be addressed immediately. Of course, this will have to depend on your business management—are you going to hire responders so that solutions will be quick? It would be advisable, though, as you don’t want irate clients to bash your commodities as well as your customer service.

A great web design agency like <a href=”http://ramotion.com/agency/web-design”>Ramotion will not only create a marketing website for you but will allow you to build trust with your customers. That trust will also breed loyalty, which will spread amongst your customers’ friends and relatives. In order to find the right firm for your web design needs, you have to have the patience to meet with a number of agencies in San Francisco. Your web developer plays a key role in the success and failure of the app idea. When you decide to hire a web developer always focus on these three points 1. Cost 2. Web development experience 3. Client Testimonials. On Hiremotely.com, you will find some important tips regarding how to hire and work with freelance software developers from.

4.     Expands your market & entices new audience

Being online means being accessible around the world—imagine the maximum distance from where you can cast your net to catch a new market. There is a potential to become a global brand because of the ability of the internet to link the entire world online. Purchasing your product or service just becomes more accessible than ever. And because your business is online, it means that anyone can access your site, including potential new customers. And you didn’t even have to advertise.

5.     Potential for market research


If you hire a marketing agency to handle customer research for you, it is going to cost money and it is not going to be cheap. But if you have your own website, your business can conduct market research on your own. It is not going to be as scientific as the one done by experts, but you can conduct online polls in your web page. Since it is not as scientific, you may also ask customers to explain their answers or votes.

6.     Savings from printing brochures, leaflets

Your business’s website will serve as your brochure or leaflet. As a website, it is expected to present all your products or services, which means that it can be your online catalog of sorts. So if you have a brochure or a catalog online, then you don’t need physical copies of those to be distributed. That means a lot of savings from printing costs. Even better, when you want to make changes in any of your product or service descriptions as well as changes in the prices of your business offerings, you can just edit your site through your content management system. And speaking of editing the site…

7.     Easy to manage and update


There is this cliché: the only thing that is constant in this world is change. Businesses need to be updated with these changes; and they need to adapt to entrepreneurial innovations. Good thing websites are so much easier to update. If there are new trends, you could update your audience through your web content like blogs.

8.     You will have your own domain

Having your own web address is like having your own home on the internet. It sounds cheesy but a web domain is permanent and it is yours—it is your business’s home.