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Steamy Throwback: Salma Hayek Flaunts Incredible Figure in a Butterfly-Shaped Top

by Tracy Finke

Famous actress Salma Hayek shared on her Instagram a throwback photo of her wearing a butterfly-shaped top that reveals her curves.

“This is the week of the butterfly in honor of Billy Porter, here is a throwback of me with my Emanuel Ungaro outfit,” the 53-year-old Mexican beauty captioned the photo.

Image source: Instagram

Salma posted this picture in honor of Broadway actor and performer Billy Porter, who made a fabulous appearance at the Critics’ Choice Awards in a green gown and butterfly tattoos.

Anna Bernabe, the artist behind the designs, said that “Billy’s intention was to embrace freedom.”

“Butterflies represent personal metamorphosis. The multiple butterflies all over his body symbolize the numerous transformations and rebirths one goes through during a lifetime”, she explained.

Image source: vogue.com

The picture of Salma’s incredible physique got more than 750 thousand likes, including likes from actress Jennifer Aniston and Cristiano Ronaldo’s fiancé Georgina Rodríguez.

Salma’s fans were stunned by this photo and actresses’ hourglass figure. One of her followers wrote: “An absolute goddess, then and now,” and another added: “Hotness overloaded.”

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“You are so beautiful and cute,” one of the fans wrote. Some of them took the opportunity to comment on her recent work: “So cool! Love the top. Also speaking of butterflies. I think you’ve done an amazing job with Monarca. The storyline and actors are great”.

Hayek earlier shared a picture on Instagram of her butterfly tattoo next to the red-carpet photo of Billy Porter. She wrote in captions: “Billy Porter looking better than me in the butterflies tattoos last night at the Critics’ Choice awards.”

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