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Safari in Tanzania – 2024 Guide

by Sinke Car

One of the most interesting activities to engage in when visiting distant places with exquisite nature is for sure Safari. Tanzania as a country has a lot to offer, from historical and monumental sights to natural wonder. The ones who enjoy being in nature and spending time outdoors will enjoy this activity.

Not only that you see beautiful flora, will be familiarized with the animals that are endangered. Being close to animals of greatness such as lions and tigers is a very special experience and will leave an exquisite mark. You can read here when and where to go on safaris in Tanzania.

When to go?


It is important to pick and choose the time of the visit in accordance with what you would like to see. Every season has its beauties and different things to offer, so no matter which time of the year you pick a good time is guaranteed.

The part of the year from December to March can be very interesting since there will be a lot of young animals that will take their first steps, such as wildebeests. They are also moving from one side of the National Park to the other, so you will witness this wonderful event. Although it can be hard to find accommodation around the holidays, especially around Christmas and New Year’s, it is worth the troubles.

If you like spring more, during April and May all nature will start to wake up and be vividly green. You will be able to find accommodation very easily. When it comes to the weather, this period of the year is known for increased rainfall so just be aware of this when traveling. If you do not mind the rain, this is a perfect part of the year to come and enjoy the sight.


Most people plan their visit to Tanzania in the period from June to September, not only that the vacation season in most countries is in that period, but the nature in the National Parks is quite exquisite during this time. Another migration of wildlife occurs in this time of the year, so you can witness this wonder. Since this is a part of the season when most people come here, it can be difficult to find accommodation and the prices of it can go up as well.

As well as the April/May season, October/November season is low in visitors due to rains. Although it can be rainy, during this time the migration of mentioned wildebeest is occurring, so you can catch that without too many people being in your way. The accommodation is easier to find since not a lot of people will be there at that time.

What to see?


When it comes to the places that you should visit, one of the favorites according to all people that have visited this country is for sure Serengeti. This national park is well known all around the world, and it has a few regains with different things happening in each. We have already mentioned that in one period of the year calves are being born and that they roam around the park.

This is happening in the Ndutu region, while in the central part of the park we have great cats, such as lion, tiger san cheetahs that dominate the area. One of the parts that can be neglected is Grumeti named after a river that goes through it, and in this part, we have the river that is being crossed by the wildlife which is an event to see. Another part of the park that has a river and a similar event is located in the north and it is very popular during the hot summer months.

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Another very popular part of Tanzania when it comes to the attention of the visitors is for sure Ngorongoro Crater, which is located very close to the Serengeti national park. When it comes to attractions that can be seen here, one of the most endangered animals in the world, rhinoceros can be seen here in its natural habitat.

Not only that this animal can be seen here, but other animals such as elephants and hippopotamus are residents of this conservation area. In addition to these animals, lions are known to roam the area, and where there are lions, there are their natural enemy, hyenas. In this part of the park, you may see these two, and if lucky you may find yourself seeing the battle between eternal enemies. Seeing these animals in action can be once in the lifetime opportunity, so do not miss it if staying here. Even though it can be pricey, this conservation area is well worth it.


A great addition to your adventure can be a visit to the lakes and the park surrounding them. Lakes Tarangire and Manyara are known as twins and while in Tanzania, you may as well visit these as well. The first lake is home to one of the biggest natural habitats of elephants, as well as the one with the greatest number of them.

Giraffes are roaming around freely, and herds of zebras and baboons are running around freely. With these animals running free, lions, which eat them, can have a feast, so they are found here, as well. The second lake, Manyara, is well known for the lions that are resting high in the trees and in a variety of bird species that inhabit the area. If you visit during seasons with rain, you may witness hippopotamuses that are enjoying in the water and a lot of pink colored flamingo birds.



No matter which time of the year you pick, Tanzania has a lot to offer. Safari in this country is well established due to National parks and conservation areas. The variety of animals is extraordinary, and you can see a lot of different species, especially the ones that are endangered, such as rhinos and elephants. It will be worth both your money and time to visit this county and have a safari experience since you will find yourself more connected to nature and animals that surround you.