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RV Generator Buying Guide

by Jajce d Muckic

What’s better than traveling in your RV and spending some time in nature. Whether you are going alone, or with with your whole family or just with friends, recreational vehicle is perfect for that getaway.

But before your road trip, you need to consider some things. You need a reliable recreational vehicle and you also need a powerful RV generator. And if you don’t know what RV generator is for, it is used for powering RV appliances and accessories, so you’ll definitely need one.

There is always an easy solution, for example, portable generators, because they are cheaper. But you should want to have constant power so you would want to consider buying an actual generator.

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When you are choosing an RV generator you need to choose what type of fuel do you want to use. And the most important thing is that you choose the one that is the most compatible with your vehicle. The types of fuel that you can choose from are diesel, propane, and gasoline.

Another thing that you need to know is which size to choose. You don’t want to oversize or undersize your generator. And you need the right size because if it isn’t the right size your appliances won’t work. Your generator needs to physically fit into the vehicle. You need to determinate what kind of power do you need because if you have a lot of appliances you will need the most powerful generator. Milo from online dealership Caravansforsale, who offer a large range of RV’s and campervans for sale, say’s you should also consider the physical size and weight of the generator, as this will affect the stability and overall safety of your vehicle whilst driving

If your generator is going to be used every day and for the whole day, you will need more power than an RV generator, and you will need a commercial model. This kind of generator you will need if you want to use commercial and large-scale services. If you plan on going on a long road trip and you need a powerful generator to consider a mobile one.

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And one more thing that you need to know and this thing is very important are the regulations about gas from the RV generator. Environmental Protection Agency has listed that the gas fumes that are produced inside the tanks of generator must be captured and returned to be burned. Because of this, there are special EVAP generators that are designed for this, and they meet these regulations.

Most motorized recreational vehicles have a built-in system that meets these regulations, but most of the tow-behinds don’t. The RVs that are towed behind the need to have an EVAP generator installed in, a certified hose, some special fittings, and a specially designed metal tank, and a carbon canister. And you must not play with these things, because if you don’t have one of these EVAP components that are certified, then if you ever get stopped and inspected you will pay a fine. So before hitting the road be sure to inspect everything and once everything is okay you are ready to roll.

After all, if you still can’t decide which generator suits your needs best, check out this list of the best RV Generators on Crowsurvival.

Have a safe and interesting trip.