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Top 8 Tips For Maintaining The RV Vehicle

by Nina Smith

The vacation time has arrived; so many people would pack their backpacks to go on a trip. If you want to have a unique experience, you can take an RV and start the trip to a new destination to enjoy the camping experience. But when the camping is done, you need to keep the vehicle in good condition until the next trip. For that, you need to regularly maintain this vehicle, whether you are using it or not. When you keep it in proper condition, it won’t disappoint you by stalling in the middle of the road during your trip.

Few tips to maintain the RV vehicle include:

1. Inspect the RV roof regularly

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People who use the RV vehicles must inspect the RV roof regularly to check whether it is in good condition. There are chances that the roof may have leakages. Due to this, the water droplets may fall on the flooring of the vehicle and ruin it. When you conduct the checks, you can detect the minor issues initially and fix them before the repair gets costlier. There would be water leaks from the AC units and edges that are not covered properly. When the water seeps inside, it puts the integrity of the vehicle at stake. You have to buy new parts again, which may burn holes in the pockets. If you inspect regularly, you can get out of this headache.

2. Check the tires

Before you start the adventurous trip, you must check the critical components of the vehicle. One amongst them is the tires. If anything happens to the tires, it will result in an accident, or the vehicle may get stranded in the middle of the road at wee hours. You must check the pressure of vehicles before you embark on a long journey. You must also check the pressure in the tires and inflate them to avoid unnecessary delays later due to vehicle issues. You can boost the tire longevity by rotating the tires. The front tires would get worn out sooner compared to the back tires. After removing the tires for repair, you must align them back to their actual position. Otherwise, it results in damage to the vehicle parts and serious mishaps. It is good to keep a spare tire with you when going on a long trip. This saves you when any of the tires get punctured.

3. Maintain the vehicle interior

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The well-maintained motor home would make you feel at home and let you enjoy the trip. If the interior is cluttered and smelling bad, it won’t let you enjoy the trip. You have to regularly clean the motor home to dust off the grime and leaves that are falling inside. You also have to polish the body of the vehicle with wax regularly. The UV protector used in the polishing material will not let the color of the body to fade off quickly despite getting exposed to dust and sunlight. The motor home interior will have mattresses and cushions, which you must maintain regularly to avoid bad odor. You also have to inspect the furniture to clean debris.

4. Check the engine

It is not so easy to maintain the vehicle, especially the engine. Many overlook this part and pay a lot of attention to the exterior of the vehicle. Ensure to keep the engine in a top-notch condition. You also have to change the oil regularly. If the RV is not functional for a longer period, the parts tend to lose their functionality and get deteriorated. So, oiling will improve the engine’s longevity and will not cause any issues when you want to take it out for your camping trip.

5. Maintain your RV’s brakes

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It is essential to maintain your RV’s brakes for your safety as well as for everyone’s safety on the road. This task should be undoubtedly on your RV’s spring to-do checklist. Remember to maintain the wheel bearing and ensure they are in good condition. Try to keep them lubricated throughout the summer. Additionally, check whether your brakes still have enough material left on the surface and that they are functioning properly. You can also replace the brakes if they aren’t working efficiently. It will generally include repacking the wheel bearing and replacement of seals.

6. Check the batteries of your RV

The worst thing that can happen with you on a camping trip is dealing with a dead RV battery. Some batteries are maintenance-free, while some have water levels. Your ultimate goal to maintain the RV battery should be to keep it fully charged every time you start the journey. Remember that the batteries tend to last for 3-5 years. A deep-cycle battery starts to lose its capacity after three years, whereas a start-type battery starts to lose its capacity after five years.

7. Keep your waste water system in a good condition

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When it comes to maintaining your RV’s wastewater system, you need to make sure that you are using the right chemicals designed to work with each system, whether it is grey water or black water system. Besides, you need to use appropriate amounts of fluid to start the system after flushing. Also, make sure that you flush the system regularly. If you fail to maintain the RV’s water system, you will have to deal with excessive build-up, which may cause clogging of the system, valves seizing, and failure of the operation.

8. Run your generator

If you don’t run your generator for a long time, then you will need to replace it years before you should. Remember that gasoline has a shelf life of around 30 days. After this time, the gasoline can start breaking down and damaging your generator’s internal parts. So you have to keep it flowing to maintain the RV. Many people recommend that you run the generator for two hours a month. Doing this will keep the generator primed and ready. If you fail to do it, then it can cause the carburetor to varnish, which may prevent fuel from efficiently powering the generator. Besides, there is no cost-effective way to clean it, so you will have to replace it and spend a huge amount of money.


These were some of the tips that you can follow to maintain your RV. Additionally, you can visit Yourcamperlife for more information or guides about RV accessories for a better experience.