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The 2024 Rise of eCommerce

by Victoria Boatright

The coronavirus pandemic might have brought most industries to their knees, but for the eCommerce sector, it’s a different story. During the lockdown, internet shopping drastically rose in popularity.

This drastic change also resulted in an increase in the need for courier services. There are already a number of companies available, but the increased number of orders made them all busy. One such service is parcel2go.com that provides you with the option of tracking your orders. Thus, you get the parcel on time and without damages.

You can learn more about their services and features here, we’ll look at the 2024 rise of eCommerce and the driving factors that have influenced its success.

Why has eCommerce excelled during the pandemic?

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The eCommerce sector has practically single-handedly helped to keep the world economy alive during the pandemic. While high street stores were forced to close, people had no choice but to turn to the internet for the goods they required.
Many consumers have also been wary about venturing out in public. So, a reluctance to go out even when stores are open has led to a boom in online shopping.

Since April, eCommerce businesses have reported an average 15% increase in revenue. Those who utilized their social media channels saw the biggest increase in profits. While many companies have been reluctant to spend more during the pandemic, those that did have reaped the rewards.

There hasn’t just been an increase in the amount people are spending online. Shopping trends have also slightly switched.

What are people buying?

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One of the biggest shifts in online shopping has been bulk buying. The first lockdown sparked panic buying, causing stores to run out of many essential items. Now that a second lockdown is potentially on the way, bulk buying has once again started to increase.

DIY stores have also seen a sharp rise in sales, alongside gardening stores. With more time to spend at home, people have been taking care of repairs and renovations throughout the pandemic.

So, some sectors have seen more of an increase in popularity than others. However, the eCommerce sector, on the whole, has experienced a sharp rise this year.

Other sectors that have benefitted from the change

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The increase in demand for eCommerce isn’t just helping the stores directly. All the goods being bought online need to be delivered. This has led to a major boom in the courier sector too. Many companies have had to hire additional drivers just to keep up with the demand.

Suppliers and wholesalers have also benefited from the change. Even when lockdown officially ends and the virus is a thing of the past, it’s likely people will continue to focus on online shopping.

Overall, while the pandemic has led to significant job losses around the country, some sectors have seen clear improvements. 2024 has been a great year for eCommerce, and it is likely the trend will continue to rise for some time. For more information visit here.

Business expansion

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The businesses that had already been pursuing online shopping have seen significant expansion. Their sales rose to a significant number and this also showed a boom in the business of courier services. Therefore, other businesses that had previously ignored the e-commerce sector now want to invest in it.

But wait,

It is not as simple as you might think it is. If you want to do all of it by yourself, it isn’t easy. Especially if you have never done anything like that before. You will have to spend a lot of time and look for the learning means. Furthermore, there are also a lot of technical things that not everyone knows about.

What can be done?

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If you have never worked at the e-commerce side and are not aware of the related things, you need learning. Creating a shopping site can be done by asking for some freelancers. Although jobs have a pause, freelancers are available.

So if you have some business that needs an online platform, you can pay someone to make a shopping site for you.

Furthermore, you will have to hire a person who can handle such work. There is a severe need to do so because it is not easy to handle all that work. You will definitely need a lot of assistance.

The emerging trends

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There are certain trends in the e-commerce business that have been becoming more likable. So here we have a list of some of the trends that will remain popular for some time period. So if you are concerned about your business, do follow these.

1- Personalized and customized user experience

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You have used this thing in the offline business too. When a customer enters the store, a worker assists him or her with their shopping time. Giving customized user experience on e-commerce sites is a similar thing to do. When a person visits your site, you will have to give a special response to them. Thus, they will feel special and this will improve the business.

Doing this is quite an easy thing, you will have to gather information about every customer. Don’t worry, you don’t have to collect the information by yourself. As people go through the internet, they search for different things. All of such data is saved on internet platforms. Thus, they get similar things in the advertisement section.

Social commerce

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Social media is rather easier to use and also to handle. Unlike the shopping sites, you can do all the work all by yourself. Most people are aware of the use of social media sites and their use, so it is handy.

Moreover, another thing that has become common is to have a celebrity endorsement. Celebrities and social media influencers can give a quick boost to your business. You can send your products to celebrities and ask them for promotions.

All they have to do is to make a video or picture with your product and tag you in it. Thus, their followers will get to know the products they are using and will go for it. This trick has been on the hit till now. So you can also try that.