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Rich Chigga Net Worth 2024 – Early Life and Career

by Elsa Stringer

Known by many for his stage name “Rich Chigga,” or “Rich Brian” Rich Immanuel is a young Indonesian rapper, comedian, and internet personality. He first rose to prominence after releasing his first song “Dat Stick” in 2016. The song went viral in SoundCloud in the same year and was certified gold. It also reached #4 spot on the US R&B/Hip-Hop Bubbling Under Chart.

Rich Chigga’s roots are in Indonesian with his popularity coming from his incredible rapping skills, comedy and songwriting skills. Rich Chigga is the true definition of a modern-day entertainer whose popularity keeps surging each day. He recently relocated to the US to pursue his music career.

Early Life

Rich Chigga as a kid


Rich Chigga’s real name is Brian Imanuel. He was born on 2nd September 1999 in Jakarta, Indonesia. His parents are of mixed Indonesian and Chinese ancestry. He has four siblings; Roy Leonard (DJ), Sonia Eryka (fashion blogger), and others.

Rich Chigga was homeschooled in her neighborhood in West Jakarta. His father was a lawyer, but they still lived in the low-middle income neighborhood.

At the age of 11, Chigga developed an interest in the internet and social media. His primary interest was Photoshop, where he developed pictures that he shared on his Twitter handle. Also, he started to create comedy videos that attracted a massive audience.

At the age of 15, he developed an interest in Vine and started to post his videos daily. At the same time, he learned the English language by watching YouTube videos of different genres.

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He also started to listen to rap music of 2Chainz, Mackelmore, and Childish Gambino as he was on his venture of learning English. In 2012, he started listening to “Thrift shop,” a song by Mackelmore& Ryan Lewis, who criticizes most rappers for wearing only expensive clothes, jewelry, and shoes in their videos. He then discovered Drake and Kanye West.

Rich Chigga now resides in Los Angeles, California. He is not a citizen of the US, but in July 2017, he got an extension of his stay in the US.

Rich Chigga Net Worth


Rich Chigga is of Indonesian and Chinese descent. His estimated net worth in 2024 Is $1 million. Most of his income comes from his career as a rapper. Also, before he kickstarted his rapping career, he was a comedian and YouTube personality.

According to Social Blade, his monthly income ranges from $1k-$20k, while his annual earnings range from $10k-$250k. Brian Immanuel also has another income venture, that is, Rich Chigga merchandise. Some of his merchandise include iPhone cases, stickers, and T-shirts.

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Rich Brian dating and relationships

Before the time, he moved to Los Angeles, California, and Rich Brian was rumored to be in a long-distance relationship with a Maryland teen. The rapper had talked of the lady on several occasions. But from 2017, we assume the pair no longer dates.
Besides the rumored relationship, there is no information on Rich Chigga’s past relationships, affairs, or partners.


Before joining music, Rich Chigga was a comedian. He used to share his photos on Twitter in 2010. At a time, he posted a photoshopped picture of him with Obama that sent the Twitter to a frenzy. Later, he joined Vine, where he started creating funny videos that attracted a massive following. After he accumulated enough followers, he opened a YouTube channel to increase his audience.

In April 2014, he launched the Youtube Channel dubbed “Brian Immanuel.” Currently, his YouTube channel has more than 1.5M subscribers and over 150 million views. His popular videos include “How I surprised Post Malone with Mariachi Band” and “How to Microwave bread.” Rich Chigga also has an account with “Sound Cloud” where he has more than 45 million stars.

The influential rapper started his rap journey with the name “Rich Chigga.” His notable acts include Tyler, The Creator, and Young Thug. In 2014 he started writing rap lyrics, and in 2015, he released his first track “Living the Dream” on his YouTube Channel. Dj Smokey produced the track, and he went ahead to release an outstanding record, “Dat Stick.”

The track gained worldwide attention and received nominations for numerous categories. Its official video has 188 million YouTube views, and the rapper released its official lyrics in October 2016.


In 2016, Chigga released more tracks such as “Seventeen” and “Who That Be.” Between April and May 2017, he was on tour. Later on, he collaborated with famous late rapper XXXTentacion and Keith on Gospel. In the Indonesian Choice Awards of 2017, Rich Chigga was named the “Breakthrough Artist of the Year.”

Rich Chigga Quick Facts

Real Name: Brian Imanuel Soewarno
Date of Birth: 3rd September 1999
Age: 20 years’ old
Place of Birth: Jakarta, Indonesia
Height: 5ft 8 in (173cm)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Ethnicity: Mixed
Occupation: Rapper, Comedian and Songwriter
Residence: Los Angeles, California
Net worth: $1 million
Years Active: 2015 to date
Marriage: Not married

Rich Chigga’s recognitions and achievements


Though his musical career, Rich Chigga has achieved numerous recognitions, achievements, and awards. These include his album “Amen” rising to the #18 spot on the Billboard’s top 200. He received a gold by RIAA due to the high popularity of his single track “Dat Stick.” Other notable achievements include.

• Title of Breakthrough Artist of the Year in 4th Indonesian Choice Awards of 2017
• Over 1.6 million Youtube Channel subscribers and millions of viewers. Currently, he has crossed 83 million views that are much for a growing artiste. His song “Seventeen” has garnered more than 8 million views that prove its immense popularity.
• He has more than 695,000 likes in his “I Am Rich Brian” Facebook page
• His Twitter account “Rich Brian” has more than 1.74 million fan followers
• His Instagram account “brianimanuel” has followers that exceed 3 million

Rich Chigga’s story is another proof of social media and the internet’s ability to boost a person’s social profile. Young as he is, he has defied the odds in the industry to become one of the youngest and most influential rappers.

Rich Chigga did not start big like many artists, and his story is an inspiration to many Asian youths who would love to hit the global airwaves and especially the American market.