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Post Malone Net Worth 2024 – The White Iverson

by Elsa Stringer

Post Malone is an American born rapper that has grown a significant amount of popularity and has managed to acquire a $27 million net worth until 2019. He is popular for his interesting rapping style, often described as ‘mix of country, grunge, hip-hop and R&B’. He owns a $3 million home in Los Angeles as well as Rolls-Royce and a private jet.

He first got popular through his debut single “White Iverson” that came out about 3 years ago and this gave him an open door to the industry. Him being only 23 years old makes all the more impressive.

He was born as Austin Richard Post on the 4th of July in the year 1995. Although he was born in Syracuse, New York his family moved to Grapevine, Texas when he was barely nine years old because his dad got a job as the manager of concessions for the Dallas Cowboys.

source: syracuse.com

He first became interested in music through the game guitar hero when he was a kid which inspired him to start playing the guitar. He was even a member of a metal band for a while and also gained some knowledge about production.

source: buzzfeed.com

He made his first mix-tape when he was only 16 years old and gave it to all his friends at school, he was also the student that got voted for being most likely to become famous in the future.

He decided on his stage name “Post Malone” at 15 years old. He recorded “White Iverson” only two days after he was done writing it, which was around February in 2015.

Not long after everyone started catching on how talented he was, the song soon got over a million views which not long after gained him a contract to Republic Records in the same year.


Even though his career started only two years ago, he has already been called one of the most popular people in the country by Roling Stone magazine and he is on his way of becoming a sensation.

His songs are now reaching hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, just one of them being “Congratulations” which is almost at 1 billion. He has collaborated with many other big names like Gucci Mane, 21 Savage and Kanye West.


His most popular songs include Rockstar, Psycho, I Fall Apart, Candy Paint, Congratulations, White Iverson, Go Flex, Too Young, TEAR$, Boy Bandz, What’s Up and many others.


His social media accounts have a large number of followers, for example, he has over 16 million followers on Instagram. If you want to find out more about Post Malone`s tattoos click here.

Best Quotes by Post Malone:

“You can tell a lot about a man by the jibbits on his Crocs.”

“It has been wild, you know, I started out just putting a song that I made out on the internet without being sure if anyone was going to like it and it took me on tour around the world with Justin Bieber, it’s been amazing!”
“I was a sad kid. I didn’t have no friends or nothing; I was a nerdy kid.”
“The old country singers, they were badass, they were the American badass people. I’m an American badass. At 40 years old, I’m gonna be a country singer.”

Img Source: billboard.com

“In order to find yourself, who you really are, you got to be with yourself; you got to hang out with yourself.”
“Nobody wanted me to put out White Iverson. They said wait. I said I don’t have time to wait. I don’t have any money, what am I going to lose? I put it out the next day and it went bananas.”
“Worked so hard, forgot how to vacation.”