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Relieving Back Pain During Pregnancy

by William Gist

Back pain, among other things, is one of the problems that plague pregnant women. Especially in the advanced stage of pregnancy. Fortunately, you can make the pain less severe, by exercising and using physiotherapy services.

Back Pain Is Such A Drag


Back pain usually shows due to the weakening of the muscles, their stretching, or improper sitting. But, it is also happening due to the overweight that pregnant women are prone to. Most often, back pain begins to occur in the 6th month of pregnancy. That is the time when the stomach begins to grow dramatically. In many cases, pain does not go away until the birth. It can also affect how you perform your daily activities, as well as your life quality. Do not take painkillers on your own. Especially if you’re pregnant. Instead, try some other methods that may help you.

Pain Relief


A good rest and warm compresses can often relieve the pain and stabbing in the lower back. However, excessive heat exposure during pregnancy, especially lying in a bath with warm water, can be dangerous. It shouldn’t be practiced as it can lead to bleeding and miscarriage.

Immersion in water warmer than 102 F can be dangerous for your baby. Warm and cold wraps are safe, but they are not always successful enough. Sometimes they can relax the muscles and reduce back pain. Some women have low back pain throughout the pregnancy at night. In this case, it is advisable to sleep on your side with the use of a pregnancy pillow placed between your legs. The pregnancy head and body pillows are perfectly designed for sleeping on the side.

Physiotherapy – Life-Saving Assistance


Physiotherapy treatments very successfully detect many painful conditions in pregnancy. These include lower back and stomach pain, tense and sore uterus, etc. They can eliminate even frequent urination that is not the result of infection, or other painful and uncomfortable conditions associated with pregnancy.

Today, even technology can help us overcome such and similar problems – much faster and easier. But how to find an adequate and expert physical therapist in the short term? Today, even technology can help us overcome such and similar problems – much faster and easier.

Mobile Physiotherapy Services

According to physioinq.com.au, these services are very helpful and reliable. Many pregnant ladies had their fulfilling and rewarding experience by using these services. The experts provided, are there to help you manage your pain in the comfort of your home or even a work-place. Wherever is convenient for you.

Having a Mobile Physiotherapists means to have a lot of advantages. It can literally save you a lot of pain, or any unnecessary inconvenience. Reputable mobile services such as Shellharbour physiotherapist, have all the needed equipment to carry out any treatments you may require. These highly-committed people will make sure you move better, think clearer and feel better.

Do-It-Yourself Measures


There are some measures you can take yourself to alleviate back pain during pregnancy. Some of these are the use of a pregnancy pillow and a pregnancy belt to hold the abdomen. A pregnancy belt can relieve your troubles during the day and a pregnancy pillow will help you at night. Sitting upright can also help you avoid back pain.

If you have to sit for an extended period, use a small footrest to raise your feet above the floor. You can also take more often breaks to walk and relax your muscles and ligaments. That way, you’ll avoid or relieve your pain during pregnancy. Wear comfortable shoes to avoid back pain.


For most women, shoes with a wide and low heel are the most comfortable. High heels are not recommended in pregnancy as they can widen to back pain. Bend your knees if you want to avoid back pain. Exercise to avoid low back pain in early pregnancy. Exercising in early pregnancy can strengthen and relax your back and leg muscles. Swimming is a great exercise for women in all stages of pregnancy. Additionally, floating in water can reduce pressure on your back, wrists, and ligaments.