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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Fear Dental Implant Surgery

by Tracy Finke

Worrying about a health procedure is normal and most people are concerned about their well-being when they are told they need to undergo a surgery. The very term can send shivers down your spine because it implies medical experts and surgeons tinkering with the inner workings of your body in an attempt to heal you. For most surgeries you are sedated and unconscious, which is another worry on its own because it makes humans uneasy when they do not know what is happening and whether they will wake up.

Of course, not all surgeries are life threatening and most of them are becoming increasingly routine. It also matters what area of the body needs surgery in the first place and what the surgeons need to repair. With all of this being said, it is still challenging and people have every right to be worried about it. To make things easier for some of the readers and explain why certain surgeries are not as frightening as they seem, we will be talking about dental implant surgery in this article.

Dental health is among the most crucial aspects of a healthy individual and something we have to think about every day. Brushing our teeth and flossing, as well as having good eating habits and manners, all come together and allow us a better and more pleasurable life. When they ache or have other problems, teeth and the general mouth area can keep us up at night and make our lives extremely difficult. Therefore, we need to ensure things remain optimal in there and to do that, you have to know about how safe dental implants are.

What Is It?

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Dental implant surgery implies the insertion of teeth implants that mimic the functions and properties of real human teeth. They look natural, they are durable, and their functionality is off the charts. However, they have to be attached to our jaw somehow and this is where the problem for most people lies. Dentists and orthodontists use titanium here and imbed them into the jaw.

Although it sounds scary and perhaps even morbid, titanium is the perfect material for this kind of surgery because it has a natural affinity for bones. Cellular growth continues and is not in any way disrupted with the implants remaining firmly in place. Having metal inserted into the bone of your jaw is of course not something one would choose to undergo. Surgical procedure fear is natural, but if you ever end up needing this, rest assured that it is safe and that you will be fine. Keep reading to find out the exact reasons why you should not fear or be worried about dental implant surgery.

1. Extensive Planning

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Modern surgeries have tremendous amounts of elaborate planning prior to the procedure itself. All of the stages are planned months in advance and there are numerous tests and risk evaluations involved. The surgeons and technicians will have to checked up numerous times in order to better prepare for the surgery and use advanced technology and research to map out the area. All of the risks are minimized and a clear step by step surgery is the result. Every patient is different and so are their teeth. Therefore, each surgery is tackled like a completely different thing.

2. There is Little to No Discomfort

During the surgery, the dental surgeon will be using the latest in dental tools and practices and cause as little damage as needed to complete the procedure. This means that the implant will be put in precisely with the least amount of cuts and openings. Minimal tissue disruption is needed, the pain is at a minimum, and the stitches are dissolvable (self-absorbing sutures). Once the sedation and the local anesthesia wear off, there will be some pain but not nearly enough for the type of surgery you have just underwent. The dental surgeons usually prescribe pain medication just in case, and you can take it if you feel like you need it.

3. Sedation and Anesthesia

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There was already some mention of these several times, but here we talk about them in depth. Most patients feel anxious and scared not because they do not believe the surgeon knows what they are doing, but because of the pain and discomfort involved. Not everyone handles blood the same nor can we all deal with painful things the same. If you want to feel as little as possible, the dental implant surgeon can provide a sedative, an anti-anxiety medication, and of course, local anesthesia.

For dental surgeries patients have to remain conscious, but since the pain is unbearable it is a common practice to use anesthesia. So you will witness numerous tools going in and out of your mouth, you will hear scary sounds, but there will be no pain involved.

4. Success is Guaranteed

Despite feeling like a difficult thing to pull off and a complicated procedure to do right, dental implant surgeries are actually quite common and standard. Their degree of success are over 96%, which you can guarantee even more if you pick a good place to have the surgery at a top of the line dental clinic like dentakay.com. If you go to the best professionals who routinely help people on a daily basis without any difficulties, rest assured that your implants will never bother you and improve your life as well as they should. If the implants do not integrate well into your jaw bone however, you again do not have to worry as you can have them replaced and the bone graft removed within 3 to 6 months after the initial attempt.

5. Quick Healing

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Last but not least, you should know that all of the affected areas of the mouth will heal quickly and you will forget all about the surgery very soon. The human mouth is a durable and strong area of the body and tissue heals quite quickly. After a few weeks, the crown is added to the implant and you will be god to go! In conclusion, you should be happy that such a procedure exists and is actually very safe. Get it done and we promise you will be fine and content.