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What to Wear for a Beach Photoshoot in Hawaii – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

Making memories is the thing you need to focus on when traveling abroad, but if you want to preserve those memories and remember the special moments forever, then you need to capture them. Capturing moments can be done spontaneously, or they can be planned, staged, and well thought of. Both options are valid, and sometimes, if you want perfect pictures that you can frame in your home, planning in advance is a better idea. At the same time, if you want to build your portfolio, if you want to try your luck with modeling agencies, and if you just want to show off your beauty and standard on social media platforms, you need to plan for a good photo shoot.

In this article, we are going to talk about one of the most desirable destinations for creating perfect photographs, and we will give you some tips on how to make the best out of it. Continue reading if you want to learn what you should wear for a beach photoshoot in Hawaii and how Waikiki photographers can help you out with your plan.

Consider the colors

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The first thing we are going to talk about is the colors you should opt for when it comes to Hawaiian beach photoshoots. It is said that you don’t have to stick to the traditional hues and that you don’t have to do everything that other people did, but there is a reason why beach photos always look so similar. There is a recipe for success, and you should follow it with some minor tweaks.

The rule is that you should go with pastel and soft tones that will not take away from the landscape and your natural beauty.

You can go with beige or white if you want to blend in with the environment and if you want to leave the focal point to be something else.

On the same note, you can opt for bright and bold tones, but you should never combine too many prints and too many colors. Choose one or two and stick with them.

What do you want to achieve?

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When it comes to the idea behind this process, you should think about what you want to achieve, if you are doing this for professional reasons, or if you want to have some amazing images for your home or to share on your social media profiles.

Depending on your idea and what you want to get from this experience, your Waikiki photographers can help you out with the whole process. Think about the main goal, and depending on that, choose the colors, the clothes, and everything else.

The idea that you have will also help you find the best location for the photoshoot and it will help you set the tone with decorations, lights, and even choosing the right time of the day to take the photographs.

Don’t forget about the style

The style you choose is going to set the whole theme and it will influence every other choice that you make when it comes to these pictures.

According to 808 Pictures, the Waikiki photographers you choose to go with are going to help you choose the best theme if you have trouble making the decision and they will guide you to the right combination of clothes, colors, and accessories.

For women, it is recommended for them to wear some nice sundresses, but you don’t have to stick to this theme. You can choose breezy clothes that will fit the whole beach mood and that will not look too formal. For men, you can go with a half-buttoned shirt and some light shorts or pants. Color coordination is a good option if you want to follow a specific theme.

Footwear or not?

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Now let’s talk about footwear and what you should opt for. The main thing you should remember is that it all comes down to you and your style. Think about the overall theme that you are following and based on that, choose what to put on your feet.

Experts suggest that you should go with something that you’ve been opting for throughout your vacation and don’t try to look for items that are specially bought for this occasion. You can even go barefoot, especially if you plan on most of the images to be taken in the water.

Are you going to accessorize?

When it comes to accessories, you can opt to choose some or go with none, depending on your other choices. It is said that no matter what you choose to go with, you should never over-accessories and your Waikiki photographers will confirm this. You should not take away from the beauty of the picture by adding too much jewelry.

If needed, you can go with some sunglasses, flowers, leis, or something similar that will add to the theme without putting all the attention on that.

Additional tips

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The last thing we are going to talk about is what not to do and which are the biggest no-noes. The Waikiki photographers can help you out with this as well, but you should know that you should never wear prints that are too bold or too bright.

Choosing one bright color is fine, even matching it with another at some moments, but don’t take away from the beauty of the picture by making the clothes the focal point.

Don’t wear running shoes, sneakers, or boots. They are just going to look bad in a beach theme and they will not fit the overall look. Lastly, try to steer away from large logos and brand designs unless you are shooting for a specific company.

These are the things you should know about outfits and beach photography. The Honolulu photographers can help you out a lot, and they will guide you, but it is always better to have some basic idea of what you should and should not do. Note that you can opt for the traditional images and follow the rules that have worked for millions of people before you, or you can just try and set your own trend and see how that works for you. Who knows, maybe you will pave the way for other people who are looking for something different and unique.