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Questions To Ask In A Customer Satisfaction Survey

by Dangula Bingula

Surveys have been proved as a fantastic source for knowing the feedback of your customers. However, the surveys need to be adjusted according to your needs. 

For example, there are plenty of templates that can help you such as survey templates from JotForm. For conducting a practical and useful client survey, some questions that need to be included in the survey are.

1- How Typically Do You Dine With Us?

Asking this question can provide you with a thought of what type of client is filling out this survey. Weather, he is a first-time client, rare diner, or frequent shopper. 


2- Are you Satisfied with the Food Options at the Restaurant?

With significant stress of providing healthy food, it’s necessary for the restaurants to fulfill the growing demand of its customers. Moreover, maintaining the standard of food for surviving in a high competition is also very important. Gauging from your customers about the variety of available dishes can be used to call on any modifications needed for the restaurant’s varied food menu.

3-What Did you Like the Most Regarding Our Food and Services?

Asking customers to fill in what they like best regarding your food and services can enable you to induce a clear understanding of what parts of the eating house are your specialties. Then, you can use them for different promotional strategies.


4- What Did You Not Like regarding Our Food and Services?

Asking your customers what they didn’t like regarding your food and services can inform you directly about the weaknesses of your restaurant and the enhancements ought to be created.

5- How fast or Adequate Was the Speed of Service?

Nobody desires to wait for a long time for his or her food in any restaurant. The Speed of service makes a significant impact on client retention rates. They are more likely to be more delighted on getting served quickly. Getting thought of client sentiments on the speed of service can help you in understanding that your staff needs to work on the speed or not.

6-Was the choice of Beverages Sufficient?


Beverages have become a necessary part of a restaurant’s menu. It is essential that your restaurant features various drinks and desserts to satisfy client demand.

Asking your customers about their thoughts on the variety of beverages can enable you to introduce new tasty desserts.

7- How Would You Rate Our Staff’s Ability to Satisfy Your Needs?

A well-trained team in your restaurant can lead to higher client satisfaction and ultimately increase profits. Swing the question to your customers of whether or not workers sufficiently met their necessities, can help you to check, modify, and improve workers coaching.

8- Do the Resturant Have a Family-Friendly Environment?

Keeping your customers glad and comfortable is also very essential for getting a five-star reputation. If your restaurant caters to families, then make sure to maintain family-friendly surroundings.


9- Would You Recommend Our Resturant to Family or Friends?

This question is significant. If this question gets a negative response, you may be able to work on the way to improve the restaurant so that the customers start suggesting it to their family and friends.

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