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6 Questions Every Homeowner Must Ask Before Implementing Smart Bulbs – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

A smart light delivers many promises. It renders ultimate convenience, saves energy, and makes your home safer. Lighting your home or any commercial office is a decision backed with certain dilemmatic questions. Though it makes your home look aesthetic and creates an awesome ambiance, there are several factors to decide before choosing smart bulbs.

Every person you welcome in your home has a short/long interaction with the lights. Especially, when it comes to lights from multilighting.ca, you can give your guests an awe-struck sensation. The smart lights you choose must be simple and useful. It is set up to offer you something more than convenience. If installed correctly, it can give a pause to your draining pockets on electricity bills.

Here are 6 questions that every homeowner must ask before choosing and implementing smart lights at their home.

1. Do You Need Smart Lights? How Can You Get Them?

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It is one of the basic questions that you need a smart light? How will you operate them? Will it make your life comfortable? etc. The common answer to the question is YES! You need a smart light in your home for convenience and to access them from any location in the world.  Apart from making your life convenient, it will reduce your electricity bills.

The traditional light bulbs in the apartments are operated from switchboards in a fixed location.  They are available in the same colors and patterns like white or yellow. You can choose smart lights from the options provided. You can get them from any electronic store or purchase them online from dedicated portals like multilighting.ca and convert your dull-looking home into a brighter look.

2. Which Smart Lighting Products Should You Use?

There are several varieties of smart lights. There are certain factors to consider before choosing the correct smart light for your home. Some of the factors where you need to pre-decide the types are whether you want a WIFI-enabled light or a Bluetooth-enabled light, wired or wireless lights (wireless lights are more preferred), cost and budget, etc.

These smart bulbs work with a deliberate light app that gives you the option t switch off/on and even dim the lights whenever you need.  Also, sustainability and convenience are the two major factors of these bulbs that are attracting home renovators for their use.

3. What Are The Options, Specifications, And Choices Do You Have?

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There are immense varieties in smart bulbs away from your imagination. They are available in many sizes, colors, and properties. Some are wifi-enabled and some work via Bluetooth technology.  Every style and size of traditional bulb used in your home can be replaced with a smart bulb. However, your interior decoration matters. You will have to select the light as per your wall colors.

These bulbs make your room bright, save energy bills and give you smarter choices to decorate your home. Mark the color of your interiors and choose accordingly. There are varieties available like A19, BR30, E12, and various other varieties for outdoor lights.

Selecting the right type of bulb is the major decision that needs expert help or a good amount of research. If you are hiring an interior decorator for this job, then convey to him your expectations. They better know what goes correct with your home especially in terms of light.

4. Does It Save Energy Costs?  Will You Have To Pay Long Bills?

The initial cost of smart lights is higher than the traditional bulbs. But that should not affect your decision to switch to smart lights. It is because of the benefits that it delivers to your current electrical system in terms of low energy bills. You don’t need to replace them regularly like those of traditional bulbs.

Moreover, they do not consume more amperage than the regular lights. They are long-lasting that function via mobile applications connected with your wifi. Do not choose cheap smart lighting. It will disappoint you after a few days of its successful lighting. If that happens, you will receive a long roll of electricity bills after a month.

5. Can You Operate Lights Via Mobile Application?

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Yes! The entire operation of smart lights can be done via application. All the functionalities of these lights are present in the application from where you can customize your lighting mood. You can make it dim or change the color of your light immediately from bright to brighter and dim to dimmer.

Also, you can enjoy a candlelight dinner without lighting a candle. You can change the brightness that suits your mood and preference and enjoy enhanced relaxation. The mobile app will have all the functions to operate the smart bulb as per your mood.  It is to be noticed that different smart bulbs dim differently. They also cost less than your set budget.

6. Are There Safety And Security Features In The Smart Bulb?

You ensure the electricity consumption feature of a smart bulb and its magical lighting that sets your mood for the day.   But do you know there are certain smart security features in the smart light? Yes! There are smart bulbs with a motion detection sensor that can detect nearby movement and inform you via notification.

This safety feature enables you to get informed of any suspicious movement around your house. You can take immediate action. Not only indoors, but there is a wide range of outdoor smart lights. Your lights will notify you of any suspicious activity or entry to keep you safe and prepared to be safe.

More than a showoff to guests on the convenience of smart lights, it has strong security features. From customizing lights to your mood to protecting your property; they serve your lighting and security purposes.

Make it a part of your home renovation. Switch off those traditional lights as the time to adopt technology has come. Use smart lights that come with the advantage of controlling the device as per your mood.  Choose wisely and implement them for a better experience than old traditional lights.