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Top 12 Most Popular Wedding Dress Models in 2024

by Tracy Finke

Fashion does not stand still, and this applies not only to everyday closet items and accessories. Wedding dresses 2024 partly kept the trends from the previous year, but acquired many new unusual and no less beautiful details. You can be inspired by the examples of your friends, study on the Internet examples of classic and color wedding dresses of stars, as well as look for interesting models in popular social networks, but the truly current dresses you can see only at the shows and in look books of leading wedding dresses designers like Justin Alexander.

Wedding Fashion 2024-2021: Major Trends

We’ve studied the latest released collections from proven global designers trusted by brides around the world, and we’ve noticed a few commonalities. Some of the current elements remained from 2024, and some were long forgotten and got a new breath or were interpreted a little differently in the fashionable wedding dresses of 2024. We looked at each trend in detail and picked interesting examples with photos for inspiration.

1. Bows of all shapes and sizes

img source: millanova.com

Decorative elements such as bows are present in the fashion collections of wedding brands 2024 in a variety of variations. For example, it can be large bouffant bows made of tulle, tulle or silk, giving the image airiness and romanticism.

Wedding fashion 2024 did not forget about the satin bows with a strict form. They give the image a special elegance and a little “give” a retro style. But if the bow is bigger, it does not hold the shape so well and looks a little more careless and charming. By the way, the location of the decorative element can be absolutely any.

2. Voluminous sleeves

If we talk about the sleeves in wedding dresses in 2024, the puffed models are in fashion. Straight sleeves in the coming seasons are better to forget about unless they are translucent and decorated with embroidery or sequins. If you choose wedding dresses with sleeves as a way to warm up in the cold season, then leave this idea, because today’s sleeves do not warm, but decorate the image of the bride.

3. Translucent elements

Various inserts, elements of translucent fabrics on wedding dresses give the image of the bride a mysteriousness. Even if it is overt sexuality, embroidery, appliques and all kinds of rhinestones and sequins are stitched in such a way as to hide all the innermost, leaving a certain sense of intrigue and understatement. Embroidery and shimmering sequins in principle remain in fashion. So if you wanted to buy a sequined dress for the wedding, look for a translucent version.

Semi-transparent can be both inserts on the hem or bodice, and the whole neckline or sleeves. If you have enough courage and your figure is perfect, why not choose a completely translucent dress? In addition, from previous seasons we have successfully taken over the capes, only they are so weightless that they are almost not noticeable in the image. But they give a special charm to the bride.

4. Ruffles and flounces

img source: blog.wedpics.com

Wedding fashion 2024-2024 brought back to us such an element of women’s clothing as ruffles. This detail can be made of silk or satin in a soft form. And also in the next seasons will be relevant lush pleated ruffles, which turn dresses into real works of art. The same applies to the flounces: they can be both neat and carelessly asymmetrical.

5. Asymmetrical hemline

In continuation of the theme of asymmetry, it is worth talking about the original silhouettes of dresses. Asymmetry is more relevant today than ever, and this applies to the hem of the dress: it can have an uneven edge, all sorts of necklines, different lengths in the front and back. Also wedding dresses of 2024 can have an asymmetrical silhouette in general – it looks mysterious and very stylish.

6. Unusual bodices and deep necklines

In addition, as we have already found out, sexuality is trending today in 2024-2021. So not only translucent fabrics won the top trends, but also deep necklines on the back or frank necklines of wedding dresses. By the way, the bodice can have a completely unusual shape to us, for example, geometric or asymmetric.

7. Fluffy skirts

img source: unsplash.com

The next obvious trend that you probably noticed among the photos of the above fashion trends is the opulence of wedding gowns 2024. It can be an A-silhouette with a skirt of translucent tulle, or it can be a hyper-voluminous outfit, as was the case with pleated ruffles. Do not forget about the options with a skirt of dense monochrome material on numerous petticoats – all this is also in the trend, though not very comfortable.

8. Bracelets

Strapless wedding dresses are in their heyday, only it is important to remember that the straps should be thin. They can be supplemented with detachable or dropped sleeves, decorated with lace, embroidery or beads, and also be minimalist in lingerie style.

9. Lace

Lace fabric or decor on wedding dresses in 2024 will be fashionable in any form. But especially attention should be paid to outfits in the minimalist style or the style of Catholic Spain of the early twentieth century.

10. Bohemian chic

img source: unsplash.com

Now let’s talk more about the wedding dress styles that will be especially fashionable in 2024-2021. Boho-chic has been at the top of the trends for not the first year, but in the current and future seasons, the balance is shifting from bohemian to chic. Sequins, feathers, and elegant silhouettes are the things you should focus on. By the way, be careful with feathers: they were at the peak of popularity a few years ago, but today they are appropriate only in boho-chic and retro styles.

11. Minimalism

If all the above trends and their combinations do not appeal to you, and you want simplicity, pay attention to dresses in the style of minimalism. They can be complemented by one fashionable detail, but still keep their purity and austerity! You can check out PsyCat Games fun test if you want to check if such wedding dresses suit your purity levels.

12. Suits and coveralls

img source: brides.com

Any wedding suit or jumpsuit in 2024 may look no less beautiful than a traditional wedding dress, because fashion has added to them such stylish elements as removable sleeves, unusual necklines, etc.

As you can see, trends in wedding fashion 2024-2021, although it seems too bright and accentuated, almost all are perfectly combined with each other. This is also used by famous fashion houses, skillfully combining several trends in one outfit. And the dresses are not overpowering, but stylish and harmonious.